1. epic says

    mendacity, the downfall of us all…you’d think at this point in our evolution we’d be past all this trolling for our genitalia at the expense of our comforts…i guess we’re all just monkeys after all, throwing our filth against a wall and seeing what sticks

  2. Buster says

    I’m always happy to see an evil Republican brought down. But at the same time, I don’t really get why looking for sex outside of your marriage requires you to resign your position as a legislator. THAT’s what really floors me. Isn’t the answer “this has nothing to do with my job” and “none of your business” when he’s asked about this? What a sad, mixed up bunch of people!

  3. suede says

    OH MY GOD!

    We’re gonna have a circle-jerk about the morality of other people while we thrust our own moral standards upon them, while still believing that Religious morality thrust upon gay society is a bad thing.

    Our society is so f’cked up.

  4. Bart says

    @Buster – I would guess being a republican he ran on the ‘family values/I hate gays/I’m a christian/we’re better than them platform. It’s a little hard then to say that sending shirtless picture of himself to a woman other than his wife is no one else’s business when he’s made it everyone’s business to be against other folks sexuality.

    What I find interesting is that at least five or six republicans a year are caught up in a sex scandal yet they continue to be freaked out by it. Maybe they should get a party rate with Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil.

    But I will say this…this dude is an utter idiot. He wanted to get caught.

  5. fred says

    Suede, no. The issue here – for us gay folks – is hypocrisy, not morality. Another advocate of “traditional marriage” is caught cheating. That’s why this story is of note to us; not purely that a Congressman is having an affair.

  6. Josh says

    I agree Buster, but the GOPers in Lee’s district are likely to be hypocritical and demand his ouster. He knows the “family values” facade must never fall if he wants to be politically viable.

  7. Hank says

    To be honest I’ve never heard of this guy and don’t know anything about his voting record, only that he’s a Republican. Regardless, I kinda feel sorry for him (but maybe not once I hear his record, beliefs, etc.) But either way, it’s unrealisitic to demand that a married man stay faithful only to his wife his entire life. Hetero marriage is f’d up for that reason, I believe. Humans just weren’t made for monogamy for life. I personally don’t believe in marriage, and I don’t particularly want it – but we should have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. But you can keep marriage as far as I’m concerned. So he f*cked around, who cares. His wife probably knew about it, they usually at least suspect it, and often may not even care. Why should anybody else? Stay out of my bedroom and I’ll stay out of yours. (But I wonder if he posted any d*ck pics?)

  8. Brian in Texas says

    David Vitter got caught soliciting prostitutes (a crime) and managed to stay in the Senate. But, alas there was no photo evidence like this creep.

    He had to resign because in 2 yrs when he has to run again this photo and topic will resurface during the campaign and he will be seen as a joke. That’s the way it is!

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Yeah Gregg he’s attractive on the outside and sort of ugly on the inside, but hell who cares. Now he’s gunna hit CL Big time. The barn doors are wide open Chris, run with it!

  10. Zlick says

    If he were my Congressman, I’d consider him too stupid to continue in office, apart from any hypocrisy. How can someone serving in the U.S. House of Representatives not know about the nature of the internet and how EVERYTHING you place there is public??? What a maroon!

  11. qjersey says


    Being accorded civil rights and civil respect regardless of sexual/gender orientation/identity is not the same thing as sexual freedom.

    Heterowomen have limited sexual freedom, sadly the madonna/whore still impacts women greatly.

  12. Jerry6 says

    Ah, Yes!! Another bigoted GOP elected representative bites the dust. This news is so “Old Hat” that it is getting pointless. He’s a Republican. What do you expect?

  13. gr8guyca says

    This was clearly not the first time he has done this. So, there would have been a drip-drip-drip of other women coming forward
    in the next few weeks. So, to avoid further misery to his family, he just cut his losses.

  14. topher says

    @Ted: I don’t think your logic is correct. There is no double standard here from our part (The gays, the liberals). The problem isn’t cheating, whether it’s dem or republican.
    The problem is that -more often than not- it’s the republicans who are involved in scandals that also happen to have a record of vociferously condemning anything that escapes the boundaries of conservative values. And from that we get anti gay rallies calling for the perpetuation of our 2nd class citizen status by not giving us equal rights, and how same-sex marriage would destroy the family and tear the fabric of society.

    And so, it’s kind of easy to condemn hypocrites such as those. And there’s no double standard here from the gays.

  15. says

    I have to agree with the comment above from GR8GUYCA. The photo itself is not a huge deal, but the implication is that there are other women in the woodworks waiting to present themselves and say “I slept with him too”, so it made more sense for him to resign before things got dirty.

  16. Ty says

    Yikes, this situation is so awkward and odd. I feel for his wife and kids. I’m sure they’re really in a terrible place right now. Yet another politician disappoints.

  17. says

    “What if he was a democrat? Cheating on his wife would not matter one little bit. I am so glad there is a double standard.”

    As usual, Ted, you miss the point. If someone cheats on their spouse, it’s their own business. Frankly, I don’t know why he feels he needs to resign over this, but that’s his choice. That would be the same whether the jerk is a Republican or a Democrat.

    But, if a politician is going to mouth off about “Mom-Dad-only-family-values” while consistently harming gay families and soldiers with their votes (a syndrome more applicable to Republicans than Democrats), then justice is served when the conservative schmuck gets busted for his utter hypocrisy.

  18. says

    Forget who briguht up Vitter but thtahnks for doing so cause the contrast is really fiascinating. Vitter went to a Madam for kink-o-rama sex involving defecating in diapers.

    No, I am not making this up.

    Vitter is still in power. The “Madam”? She, uh “committed suicide.”

    Clearly ther’s tons more to this Chris Lee story — especially in light of the fact that he resigned hours after “Gawker” posted it.

    Stay tuned!

  19. Mark says

    I do feel sorry for his wife and son. Not that he was cheating and got caught, but that everyone is talking about how dumb he is to have been caught. I mean, it was stupid of him to think that he could use his email address in the CL advert, the same one he has registered to his Facebook page. As Donald Trump said on CNN (paraphrasing) “He’s just stupid. And these are the people you’ve elected to lead you and negotiate with China and OPEC?”

    That said, if he cut his hair and sported a three day stubble, I suspect nearly all of us reading this would do him. There’s no doubt, Daddy’s got a rockin’ bod for 46. #imjustsayin

  20. mike says

    My favorite part is that he lied about his age. 7 years is too much. It ends up being an insult because when they see you they say, oh you look like sh*t for 39. If he just said he was 46 the woman might think he looked good for 46… I hate when guys lie about their age, I have age-dar and I can always tell.

  21. says

    This behavior could lead to a Congressma­n being subjected to extortion possibly, and at the least clearly shows a total lack of good judgement, and compromise­s security.I am suspicious as to the details surrounding­g his resignation­n, and I look forward to the anonymous women he was trying to hook-up with, coming out to the public, just so we can be reassured that she actually exist.Seem like there is more to this story…

  22. silverfordress says

    Anyone feeling any sympathy for this HYPOCRITE is anti gay. PERIOD. There is NO defending someone who does NOT defend gay rights and then does everything adn anything behidn closed doors.

    ALL CONSERVATIVES ARE HYPOCRITES! To single out a group of people (gays) and deny them rights based on values they DO NOT uphold themselves is absolute bull, hateful, hypocritical and needs to be met with nothing but anger, resignition and lots of disdain.

    Hypocrites…your karma ALWAYS catches up with you. That goes from Carrie Prejeann to shamed politicians!

  23. pinkbutterfly says

    I’m so sick of these married men pretending to be single jeopardizing your careers, your marriage and your families for a few moments of pleasure, thinking of only yourselves , being so selfish and self centered. How can you be so foolish? When you do wrong long enough you will get caught, then you expect to make your “I’m sorry statement” and all should be fine. Do you not think about the hurt and pain you cause your wife, your children, your career, your colleagues, your friends, supporters, yourself!!!!!! Just utterly sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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