1. Rowan says

    I prefer her to Madonna, which isn’t saying much and prefer Tori Amos, Bjork et Grace Jones to all of em.

    In the manufactured repetitive music industry, she’s better then most mainstream acts out there-I just don’t find her that interesting or that cutting edge but I’ll pick her over Taylor Swift anyday!

  2. AlexN says

    I know. Most hilarious is the fact that no one points out that an apartment on Stanton St “way back” when Gaga was more of a nothing than she is now (I’m guessing she’s talking 3 years ago) was at least $2000 a month. Unless she was bankrolled by her parents, I’d love to know how she was making ends meet.

  3. Andrew says

    I’m so grateful for the message she pushes at every opportunity: embrace who you are and extend grace to others, to let them be whoever they are meant to be. This message of human flourishing — which is so much more than mere ‘tolerance’ of differences — is helping a lot of kids, and even 20somethings like myself.

  4. Randy says

    Just telling me that Gaga or Anderson are in a video is not reason for me to watch it. What is in there that is worth watching? I’ve got better things to do than waste 20 minutes figuring out why I’m watching this.

    This isn’t a complaint about Gaga or Anderson, but about linking to long videos with no explanation why.

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