Prince Harry Parties at Gay Bar


Prince Harry had a good time at a Soho gay club called Box Bar on Saturday night, the Mirror reports, though he wasn't there for the boys:

"Harry had been at Soho’s Box Bar to celebrate a female friend’s birthday. He had (quite) a few drinks and saw a burlesque show, then left with his armed protection officers. One clubber said: 'Harry was with girls and fellas, having plenty of laughs. He was more than a little the worse for wear by the end of the night.'"

Harry will be Best Man at Prince William's wedding in April, the Palace announced today.


  1. TampaZeke says

    Technically it should read that Prince Harry will be best man at his HALF-brother’s wedding.

    Is there ANYONE who actually believes that Harry is Charles’ biological son?

  2. john says

    I love Harry.I can imagine just chillin with him having a couple of beers & most likely a spliff.
    He’s his Aunts nephew alright…just don’t go rippin off the family mate.

  3. Growler says

    This is news? A pampered rich boy born into fabulous wealth and living off the labor of ordinary Brits. It’s amazing how the Conservatives in the UK want to trim the dole but they still shell out millions for the parasitic Windsor family.

  4. Rob says

    @Jethro – The Box Bar website indicates it’s a SoHO alternative cafe. Even so, the website’s photos of its guests and employees still look pretty gay to me. I’d certainly visit it while in London.

  5. Sam says


    The British Royal family is one of the biggest draws to tourism in the U.K. They bring in far more revenue through tourism than they take out of the British coiffers. Why else would anyone visit that miserable island?

    You clearly have zero idea what you are talking about.

  6. walter says

    the royal grinch looks four sheets to the wind and almost like his protection officer is holding him up. protection officer does that mean he carries the royal rubbers?

  7. Urmensch says

    Yeah, because all those tourists get to have tea with the Queen and hang out with the other royals. Plus, if there was no monarchy all the historical buildings would just disappear with them.

  8. marica says

    Tampazeke– In this day and age of DNA tests one will have to be extremely naive to think that Harry hasn’t been proven to be a Windsor.
    That’s the one thing royalty doesn’t play with.
    They would have found ways to avoid having a bastard son with no Windsor blood be second in line to the throne years ago if that were the case. Plus the kid looks more like Charles and his folks every day than Wills does.

  9. Frank says

    Ya’ll better lay off my future husband prince hot ginge. As soon and they legalize gay marriage in the UK I’m flying across the channel on the first flight to England to propose on bended knee :-)

  10. david says

    @Bob @Jethro

    Jethro is right and the Mirror and the News of the World have got it wrong. The Box Bar in Walkers Court is a burlesque bar, not especially gay, but being in Soho gets a diverse crowd.

    Someone at NOTW must have googled Box Bar London and got reviews of the now-defunct Box Cafe Bar at Seven Dials, Covent Garden. The NOTW even quoted reviews saying “men in suits, muscle marys” etc which is definitely a review of Box Cafe Bar.

    So sorry Bob, even if the website is still there, Box Cafe Bar has gone. And Harry wasn’t at a gay bar at the weekend.

  11. Chaweh says

    He probably was just so enibriated that he forgot to fix his shirt…hmmm then that wouldn’t explain the open bottom button (snicker) Oh to be a fly on the wall in that men’s room. No woman ever said he was a good or bad lover just that he is a “gentleman” in most ppls books that means that he didn’t go that far with them, smooch smooch like in Vegas. Perhaps all these gorgeous blondes in his life are just covers. I’m just saying that any woman who marries up with him better know that.

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