1. Matt26 says

    The idea sounds interesting, but based on this short trailer, I am not sure. But anyway, I like the idea of re-making the greatest love story of all time again in an unique way.

  2. Wes says

    I kinda wish that when they adapt Shakespeare to a different setting in modern times they would also adapt the language to be more contemporary. I know that may seem sacrilegious to Shakespeare lovers but its the only way to actually buy whats going on. Otherwise it just seems silly.

  3. says

    Wes, they did that in West Side Story… I agree that it makes it more real. But sometimes the juxtaposition of the contemporary setting with the ornate language is exactly what makes a Shakespearean adaptation interesting. It’s less about making the language believable (it’s already believable), and more about linking the language with a more familiar setting. That said, in either treatment of the story, the production has to be spot-on. No amount of adaptation can compensate for sub-standard or sophomoric acting. That’s why so many adaptations of the story (and, frankly, standard classical theatrical productions) fail.

  4. The Iron Orchard says

    Oh great just what we need a film about two young gay men who can’t be together so they kill themselves!

  5. Andrew says

    West Side Story is fine I guess. But for a modern reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet I much prefer Underworld.

  6. alguien says

    @ wes:

    what about “clueless,” “10 things i hate about you” or, the aforementioned “west side story?”

    i could probably come up with others but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

  7. says

    @The Milkman: Must agree with you; the juxtaposition of the original language on the contemporary scene makes the whole production seem more sexy ! Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. jaragon says

    A couple of years ago I saw “RJ” a very powerful all male production of the play. This movie looks interesting even if the academy seems a bit underpopulated. Of course anyone familiar with David Decoteau’s homoerotic horror movies can see a bit of “The Brotherhood” series in that trailer.

  9. says

    @Andrew, I have never thought of Underworld that way, but you’re totally right!! =) That’s funny.

    I’m not a fan of “gay” movies in general. So often, I think skin is thought to be a worthy substitute for story. This one is at least falling back on an established, though oft-retold, one.