1. New Jersey Boi says

    Well, well, well…another 25% vote threshold that couldn’t win it for republicans. Lol! Hmmm me senses a pattern emerging. As in, 2012 is liiking better and better ever every week that goes by.

  2. Cory says

    This guy is such a creep. He’ll only support us when it’s politically viable, as it is in Chicago, but whenever our issues are on a national, slightly unpopular stage, he’ll sell us out to the highest bidder.

    Politics as usual.

  3. says

    Rahm is no friend to the gays, or any ‘progressive’ communities in the Democratic Party. He’ll give us nice lip service, but he’ll (metaphorically) stab us in the back if it’s the least bit convenient.

    I’m a little sad Chicago voted for him by such a wide margin, but given their history of Chicago mayors… Rahm will fit *right* in.

  4. Cory says

    Pricecut, there is a difference between “bitching” and calling reality for what it is; reality.

    If you want to snuggle up to someone who provides you with comforting lip-service and feel good rhetoric but will sell you out in an instant when the going gets tough, that’s fine.

    But don’t call what those of us do — actually fighting for the rights you enjoy, “bitching.”

  5. The Iron Orchard says

    Well Chicago…reap what you sow!!
    Welcome to continued poverty and mass unemployment!!
    This “man” is a coporate junkie, enjoy your fatback with a slice of day old bread.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    It’s not specifically to gays; he’ll give lip service to any group of the left to satisfy them. He’s a politician, surprise!

  7. Shane says

    Just goes to show what a ton of money and a few corrupt state supreme court justices can get ya! Typical Chicago politics.

  8. Rowan says

    I love to see the black people standing behind me, yeah, soooo inclusive! Power to the people!!

    Yeah, Rahm really LOVES the gays! He’s the one that told Obama not to do anything for gay people!!! WTF??

    I know Towleroad only writes what has been in other blogs but can’t they do some investigative journalism and ask some tough questions to people lie Rahmn and GOproud who are trying to take gay rights back?


    Oh well.