Rep. Tammy Baldwin Leads LGBT Solidarity Protest for Wisconsin Workers Rights


Rep. Tammy Baldwin led a protest in Madison yesterday organized by LGBT rights group FAIR Wisconsin which focused on Governor Scott Walker and the current protests over workers rights, The Daily Page reports:

…for Rep. Tammy Baldwin, who was there to address the crowd and march with it to the Capitol, the link between gay rights and worker rights is clear.

"We were the first state to protect gay and lesbian people from job discrimination," she told me before the rally got going. She spoke loudly into my ear to make herself heard over the chanting of the crowd, which stretched from the mall's concrete dais almost to Lake Street. "These efforts are linked. It's about human rights."

Is she in touch with the Democratic senators who left the state? Yes. "They are continuing to be resolute." Did she see Walker's efforts coming? "He did not campaign on stripping unions of their right to bargain."

I asked her how she thought the crisis would end. She answered with a wish. "What we all want is for the governor to hear the voices of Wisconsin and back off."



  1. Keith says

    Not to be a pessimist, but regrettably the Democratic Legislators can’t be AWOL for the next two years, and the Governor will survive and wait it out before he finally gets his way. This just proves that elections have huge consequences, especially on the local level, and we must be ever vigilant as there are very well-organized and coordinated groups just waiting for the right moment to strike and take away our and everyone else’s rights and freedoms.

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