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Gay Belgian Couple to Reunite with Son Kept from Them for Two Years After Homophobic Surrogacy Nightmare


Laurent Ghilain and Peter Meurrens, a Belgian couple living in Southern France, have been separated from their son Samuel, whom they had through a surrogate, for two years and three months because the Belgian embassy in Kiev refused to issue Samuel a passport because of restrictive surrogacy laws in Belgium. Samuel has been living in a Ukrainian orphanage while they fight for his release.

Now, good news: Baby

The long and painful separation now seems about to come to an end. After more than two years of denying Samuel a passport, the Belgian Foreign Ministry issued him one Monday. He should arrive in Brussels within days.

The ministry's decision came after a Belgian court finally issued a ruling in the couple's favor last week, saying bureaucrats had committed numerous errors.


(Ghilain and Meurrens) say the Belgian official who worked hardest to prevent the baby from being allowed into the country implied in court that, because they were gay, they could not be good parents.

While victory appears to be at hand, Ghilain and Meurrens have been told so many times their problems were nearly solved that it frightens them to have hope.

Samuel is scheduled to arrive in Brussels in a few days.

There's much more to the fascinating and heartbreaking story. Watch the moving report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Have I missed something? For it seems plain daft to me to have your baby in the Ukraine when anywhere in the EU would have solved the problem of citizenship.

    Posted by: Squeak | Feb 23, 2011 5:33:52 AM

  2. they got him back:

    Posted by: josh | Feb 26, 2011 6:51:49 PM

  3. @BOBN ... "I don't think there's as much anti-gay bigotry going on as some think."

    No, there is still a great deal of anti-gay bigotry in even the most seemingly tolerant and accepting locales. However, we also need to frequently acknowledge that there are also many people who are very accepting or tolerant and believe in fairness and equality for all.

    I'm very happy Samuel has finally been reunited with his parents. It's still sad they all missed out on the first two years as a family.

    Posted by: RJ | Feb 27, 2011 4:17:04 PM

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