Towleroad Guide to the Tube #827

CAIRO: Video reportedly shows police running down protesters (warning: graphic).

DAVID KATO: Bryan Fischer of the hate group AFA defends Scott Lively.

HEAVY: The roof of a commercial building collapses under heavy snow in Easton, MA.

LAMBDA DIVERS: It Gets Better.

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  1. Name: says

    Some of the hijackers from 9-11 came from Egypt so it is only reasonable that now they should start killing each other. Priceless. I could care less if they blow themselves up. The only said thing is that American journalists are being beaten and taken hostage and yet we still send them billions of dollars of our tax money. So FUCT up!

  2. mld says

    funny how living in an internet era, those not well read, well traveled, or even well educated are more able to stand on their soap box and spout nonsense with zero accountability. @name, maybe your input gives you street cred on whatever block you live on, but in the ‘information age’ its clear you arent tapped into any of that information. but the good news is, youre well on your way to trolldum.

  3. mike says

    I threw up in the middle of Fishers video. That might be too much info for you. He went right from the homosexual activist who was murdered, to Hitler’s trusty gay Nazi’s and my stomach turned. It was this weird mixture of sadness and frustration and pure anger and I couldn’t handle it. Just thought I’d share how his videos make me feel. I probly would want to know if things I were saying were causing people to throw up.

  4. JM says

    @ Mike. I couldn’t agree more with you !! The insane idea that Hitler, et al wanted gays is totally unreal. Do these sick idiots remember the PINK Star of David & the concertration camps? Hitler wanted a “pure Aryan race”, not Jews, Gays, etc.

    Scott Lively is a mirror of Glen Beck’s insane ideas!!

  5. mike says

    I thought about Fishers video as I was waking up this morning. (no not in that good way). I realized it’s the term “savage enough” that bothered me. As in Fisher is “savage enough” to do what he does. It’s his goal of cleansing that bothers me. The things he asks society to do to homosexuals would eventually leave us no other options but to exist in camps… and yet, with a straight face, comparing todays homosexuals to Nazi’s every chance he gets. “the only one’s savage enough”. Mr. Fisher would have fit right in.

  6. mike says

    It’s almost a stretch to blame the guy, I’m almost agreeing… and then, “now he did some seminars over there in 2009, just giving Uganda lawmakers the “truth” about homosexuality”. ah I see, it really WAS his fault. Nice job.

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