Vandals Literally Tear ‘Equality’ from Pro-Gay Church Banner


The Hollywood United Methodist Church in California supports marriage equality, and has a banner outside the church that reads, "All are precious in God's sight. This church supports marriage equality."

Sometime over the weekend, vandals tore out the "equality" portion so the banner would read "This church supports marriage."

Hollywood Patch reports: Laholly

Rev. Kathy Cooper-Ledesma, a senior pastor at the church, said church leaders are asking the congregation to pray for those who defaced their banner.

"Our belief that hate is not a Christian value remains firm," she said. "And while they can take the 'equality' out of the banner, they can't take it out of our understanding of the Gospel."

The iconic church, located on the corner of Franklin and Highland avenues, is over 100 years old, and has been fighting for marriage equality for years, said Chad Darnell, a marketing coordinator for the church.

He said this was the second time that a banner was vandalized this month. The first banner was stabbed multiple times and this was the replacement banner.

Many of you will recognize the church. It has been adorned with an AIDS ribbon for years. The church has also reportedly hosted photo shoots for the NOH8 Campaign.

The church is filing a report with the LAPD. Anyone with information about the vandals can call the church at 323-874-2104.


  1. mitch says

    What I don’t understand is what they thought they were accomplishing. The original message still stands regardless of the inclusion of the word “equality.” This only shows how blinded by hatred some people can become.

  2. Francis says

    See people! Not all religious folk are bad. This is a church sending a beautiful message, has been for years, and of course, people are threatened by that. The more outspoken and the more we stand up against the hate and affirm our existences, the more these bigots are going to attack back. We have to stand strong against these activities and it’s always nice to have people on our side fighting the good fight, including religious individuals.

  3. Zlick says

    Tsk Tsk. This particular church has been a beacon for gay inclusion and love in our community forever. And by “community,” I mean the entire freaking Los Angles megalopolis. And by “forever,” I mean literally decades. So much so that no amount of vandalistic tinkering with the message on a banner will deceive anyone in this city for an instant.

    It’s at a major intersection in one of the most famous parts of town, on one of the most trafficked routes to one of the busiest freeways. That AIDS ribbon on the tower has been a fixture that millions of people have noticed and accepted as the icon of the church’s message of love and empathy.

    Nice try, idiot vandal bigots.

  4. BradK says

    Actually, jakeinlove, I think they did accomplish something. By excising the word EQUALITY from the sign they demonstrated — for all the world to see — how much contempt they have for both the word and the idea.

    It’s not about “protecting” marriage, it’s about denying Equality.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    I will be attendingh the church this Sunday. I have lived in Hollywood for a very long time but haven’t had the chance to go. Thanks vandels, now I will go and contribute to this church that is fighting for our rights.

  6. says

    Wow! Just wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments. Church starts at 11A! You can also follow us on Twitter at @HollywoodUMC.

    But again, really appreciate the kind words.

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