1. Gregoire says

    Finally, a Vanity Fair Hollywood cover that isn’t laughable in its execution or populated with starlets who haven’t starred in anything. (Although why did they include Rashida Jones? She was in Social Network for three minutes.)

  2. breckroy says

    The biggest problem I’ve had with these gorgeous and highly glamorous (which have attracted me since I was in college) covers (“Young Hollywood” “Rising Stars” “Hollywood Princesses” “Breakout Performances”) has been a breathtaking lack of diversity, particularly on the part that goes on the front (visible) part of the cover. In years when we’ve had genuine breakout performances (including Oscar nominations) by black, hispanic, middle eastern, and asian actors/actresses, they are often not included in these shots at all or relegated to the back. They’ve been trying to do better, which I appreciate, and I agree that this year there haven’t been many breakout minority performances (which is sad in its own way), but it’s always upsetting to me to see, say, Evan Rachel Wood or Jessica Biel on yet another front cover about, say, “breakout performances” like this when there are breakout actresses (and even award nominees) in past years like Halle Berry (MONSTERS BALL), Mo’Nique and Gaborey Sidibe (PRECIOUS), Frieda Pinto (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE), etc, who are avoided. I understand that certain things sell covers, including a white, popular B-lister, over someone with a more minority-specific following, but that’s the beauty of a group cover. You can have your Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansonn, and still have those benefits, without needing to highlight Evan Rachel Wood over, say Frieda Pinto. I think this concern (which has been wideley echoed in the press over the years) speaks to why they included Rashida Jones (who, to be honest, though, favors her white mother over her black father phenotypically). I think they did a better job this year with increasing diversity (Jones, Kunis, etc.) and that is good, but I think they can and should go further. America is increasingly diverse and Hollywood’s rise of diverse fare should also be reflected. This is more “established Hollywood” so perhaps it’s less fitting here, but when they do “breakout stars” “rising stars” I’d like them to cast the net, particularly for the front cover a little wider.

    That said, the “mo” in me still geeks over the hollywood glamour 😛 Viva Liebowitz, et. al.!

  3. damian miles hollywood 101 says

    Hi Kid’s,
    Damian Miles Hollywood 101 Show Here…
    I Know the Oscars have Been Handed Out and Set has Been Taken Down But…..
    I am Happy To Say Vanity Fair’s Academy Award Issue was Nothing Short of Perfect….Visions of Jamie Lee One of Our Great American Actors! We All Love Jamie and Her Great Hollywood History….She is That Special Love Child……Hollywood’s Legends Like it was Yesterday….and that’s the Way I Like My Hollywood….We Love Vanity Fair For Having the Good Taste And Breeding to Feature Our Golden Era Players…and we Just Adore Janet and Tony and Jamie…. Damian Miles Hollywood Hollywood 101 Show Let’s Embrace Our Hollywood Royals
    God Save Our Hollywood Kings and Queens….Cheers To Mickey Rooney Hollywood’s King!