1. says

    Has Charlie been hanging out with Whitney Houston? Girl, please. Earning 3 million an episode isn’t going to make him any friends or win any sympathy out in the real world… which, by the way, is where those 3 million dollars come from.

    Close your mouth, muffin. Just shut it.

  2. Chris in MN says

    I think that at this point in the Charlie Sheen story, it is prurient and exploitive for news outlets to interview him. He’s clearly ill. However, I have no expectation that news will actually do the right thing, and it’s easy to use the “public wants to know” excuse.

  3. GeoMac says

    Especially given his reputation for debauchery, I think he should have a spinal tap done to check for syphilis. His rantings really did sound like the madness of King George. Weather physical, mental, or emotional this train wreck desperately needs help. He’s making Lindsay Lohan look good.

  4. jon says

    @10:20, Roman Coppola ????? – I think you missed your mark on that one Charlie…

    But seriously, he looks like crap, he sounds tormented, his non-verbal behavior is like a fish flapping out of water, his eyes are dead and it’s so terribly sad – the worst of all car wrecks to witness…

  5. Kevin says

    He’s 45 and looks 20 years older. GOOD MORNING AMERICA also had “an exclusive” interview with him this morning and they administered a drug test that came back clean. But, he seems very odd and the whole idea of curing himself of his drug addiction by just using his mind sounds like a fantasy.

  6. JTlvr says

    The Sheen family need to form a conservatorship (a la Britney Spears’s family) and have him committed. He’s clearly mentally ill and using drugs to self-medicate. He needs healthy, sober trustworthy people in his circle before he winds up hurting someone or dead.

  7. jamal49 says

    The guy is toast. He looks like he’s had one party too many. Sad. This is a man in definite denial. I don’t think it will be long before he is either forced into rehab or he dies. I can’t get over how old he looks. Drugs’ll do that to ya. Especially krak.

  8. Steve says

    I’m with others on here – he looks like hell.

    But how do you do an “intervention” with the highest paid actor on network TV? Does he need to land in jail like Robert Downey Jr? Maybe that will do it.

  9. Rowan says


    Hey, did you read the blind item? It basically said what you said and said that this actor is actually not on drugs, he’s got bi poloar and has stopped taking his medication, so is self medicating with alcohol on the highs and cocoaine on the lows.

    It also went on to say that an intervention WILL come because he is blowing millions.

    Very astute.

  10. KevInPDX says

    This guys a mess. Why doesn’t his dad or brother initiate an involuntary commital for a 90 day evalustion? Send the big guys in the white coats w/a straight jacket and ball gag and drag his ass to a nice, expensive, cushy mental hospital to get the help he needs and remove him from the cameras eye. Spare us the drama too.

  11. Terrance says

    I remember liking both him and Emilio Estevez when I was a kid. Seeing him now just makes me sad. He looks more like Martin Sheen than Charlie.

    Between him and Corey Haim’s long demise (“License to Drive?” then-16 yo me totally wanted to hit that *so* bad!), it really saddens me to see yet another icon of my (long-gone) 1980s childhood crash…

  12. peterparker says

    @KEVINPDX: In California (and I suppose in every other state), a person can be held involuntarily only if they present a clear and present danger to themselves or others. In other words, if someone says they are suicidal or that they are going to kill Colonel Mustard (or, in this case, Chuck Lorre) in the library with a knife, they can be held involuntarily. Otherwise, they have to agree to treatment—something I don’t see Charlie Sheen agreeing to any time soon.

  13. ratbastard says

    He is obviously very frigged up. And being used for amusement and ratings by Alex Jones and the network talk shows.

    And it’s not just drug use, not just coke or crack. He’s mentally ill with something like bipolar condition.

    Finally, I’m sure his family are trying to do what’s best for him, but these things move really slowly through the courts, etc., and Charlie has a lot of money to counter them.

  14. Dano says

    He’s clearly under the influence of serious narcotics; crystal maybe? This type of grandiosity and paranoia is probably pretty textbook. His appearance is that of someone who’s been up on crystal for days. It’s funny that when Britney was suspected of substance abuse, everyone called for family services to investigate whether her children should be taken into custody; why does no one raise the same concern when it’s a man? He seems very dangerous as a sole custodian for children at this point. He is out of touch with reality, and it’s not funny, this is a tragedy for this talented individual, and we should all take it seriously.

  15. Dano says

    Ok, thanks, I didn’t know that. Well, there is clearly some very serious syndrome going on here in any case. Amazing that this hugely successful and talented person being allowed to self-destruct in public. Someone said, in reference to Michael Jackson, that people who get the worst health care are the very rich and the very poor. At $1.8 mil/episode, Charlie’s not very poor.

  16. dl says

    As I previously worked in the participation area in the entertainment industry, I can tell you that 3 million an episode is just the labor fee that Sheen and other stars in that top tv category. He is going to probably make about half billion or more for this series if not more and Chuck Lorre is guaranteed to make more than Sheen does as the executive producer.

    For hit shows like this, the Network is bound to make more than any of these people combined and 3 million/episode can be considered chump change to sustain a star like this considering the backend deal is way more substantial. But this is when things can easily spin out of control if the person is already unstable. With that kind of money people would really start to think that they are invincible or even immortal.

    God… now he looks like Christian Bale in the Mechanist in real life or at least 75% on the way to that final destination. Scary…

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