1. jimbo says

    this is cool most of the Drew Barry Footage in from 59 First Dates the rest is a mix of patriots games, 2012, deep impact, Mars evades and the new stuff is real good quality for a spoof

  2. Dback says

    Cleverly made, but somehow very, very depressing–maybe just because “E.T.” and “Close Encounters” were different from every other “the evil aliens are here to destroy us” movie you’d ever seen, and so amazingly well-done. Henry Thomas grew up to be adorable, but considering he gave one of the greatest performances ever captured by a child in “E.T.”, again, it’s kind of cynical and sour to see him trash it. (Then again, after Spielberg’s nasty “E.T.” joke in “War of the Worlds,” I guess nothing’s sacred.) I sometimes feel that we are now in a world where people are brilliantly talented at showing off their parody instincts, but everyone’s become irredeemably jaded.

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