1. Philip Smith says

    That was so unimpressive, and I really like them!!
    Were they supposed to be in character? I ask because of the kiss and because the banter seemed so stiff/scripted.

  2. JC says

    To be honest… I love Modern Family, but I hate the way that the characters Cam and Mitchell represent gay people in the show. I always made excuses by saying that, well, straight people in the show aren’t really portrayed so well either, so it must be okay. But even outside of the show and outside of the character, I really don’t like how Jesse Tyler Ferguson represents gay people. I know it’s not fair for me to expect anything from him as an individual, but I think he has a great opportunity to really change peoples’ minds about LGBT issues, and all I see is something akin to gay blackface whenever I see him (and yes, I know he is gay in real life).

  3. Major707 says

    Well to be honest JC…. I really don’t like how you represent gay people. I know it’s not fair to expect you to realize we are a vast community of individuals from “sissy boys” to ” butch leather Daddy’s” but I respect us all and I believe Jesse Tyler’ character along with his partner do us proud as fun, compassionate, caring and committed gays!
    Take a chill pill and enjoy the show!

  4. brian says

    I don’t like the gay stereotype on Modern Family, either. Of course, that’s not to say that stereotypes don’t exist and should not be represented. But when you consider that there are so few gay men on TV to begin with, any stereotype simply reinforces pre-conceived notions about us.

  5. Ballygregor says

    This is awful. It is EXACTLY the sort of completely tasteless trash that puts the fight to be totally accepted and intergrated into society back by years .

  6. Spin says

    Regardless of how anyone thinks gays should be presented in the media, the point of the song is as relevant–even more so–as when Mel Brooks wrote the original version for The Producers. After years of activism and fighting for our rights, we’ve become the media’s flavor-of-the-month. Progress? Maybe…

    Meanwhile, is there a gay character in the new Spiderman musical? Just wondering.

  7. Zack says

    JC….your issues are so many, with so little time to address. Dear, he nor I, nor the next gay needs to is trying to represent you. First get that through your thick skull. Secondly, your wish is for fem gay men to change their INNATE mannerisms to make you feel more comfortable. Well, how about I ask all you “str8 acting” gay men to be a little less paranoid about being outted, and a little less hyper sensitive about being “passable”? Would that be fair? No. Because you see…in this world, and especially in this country, in 2011…we have the right to be who we are, and that includes many different people of many different types who, believe it or not…DON’T wake up in the morning thinking “How can I be a good representative of all gays? I know. I’ll butch it up!”

    Might wanna work out those Daddy issues of being told to “man up” all your childhood, which has so clearly crept up in your adulthood.

  8. IonMusic says

    @ JC:

    Do you think Sherri Sheperd, Tyra Banks, NeNe Leakes, Queen Latifah represent “black face” when they get a little ghetto (to which they each poke fun at themselves for) or is that just them being themselves?

    Funny how when it comes to people of various demographics….they are allowed to be of different types and mannerisms ( you don’t here outspoken Asians blast timid Asians. You don’t hear Latinos bash different types, cultures, and mannerisms in their communities. Same for blacks, woman, straight men come in all traits and attributes) yet when it comes to gay men, some gays request we all act, walk, and talk the same? Why? to appease a society that demands we all be the same? Why don’t you continue that ‘normative’ role and be straight. After all, many would argue that’s what would be normal of a man. To engage in sexual intamcy with a woman. Oh, but when it comes to being gay, you request people make an exception to their norms, yet when it comes to gender norm roles, you request every man adopt them.

    There are feminine gay men, there are masculine gay men, yet the masculine gay men have done nothing but fuel hate, homophobia, judgment, belittling, bashing amongst their very own. You masculine gay men are often the biggest homophobes around, and sadly, you are screaming “FEM! GAY! F*G!” at everyone that you can’t even hear your own deluded message.

  9. SteveATL says

    I knew the straight acting homos would be all over this one. All together now:

    Harvey Milk and the many gay pioneers before him did not liberate just those of you who go out of your ways to be perceieved as butch. The rainbows in the symbolic equality flag don’t represent just those of you who appear ‘straight’. Our liberation was not a reward just for those of you who are passable. Equality, tolerance, rights and freedom are a value for every member of LGBT, and LGBT by definition equates to a broad sector of people including effiminate, masculine, in-between, unsure, and mute. If you take issue with that, or demand the very people fighting to JUST BE change their persona and then be- please see your way out. You are everything our community and our plight is fighting against. Gay rights have never and will never be a “…everyone, BUT you” philisophy so for those of straight actors, it’s going to be a long, miserable life of lecturing people who are fighting the very notion you speak of. Good luck with that.

  10. Bobby says

    I’ve always hated that “str8 acting” label. To me it’s better to be yourself than to “act” like anything or anyone. Homophobia within the homosexual community is worse at times than homophobia outside the gay community.

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