1. Lucrece says

    Next time get a gun/taser and some self-defense training.

    This is the problem with gay men– they expect help instead of helping themselves. You’re a man, society is raised up to not protect you. Protection is your responsibility if you want to get anywhere.

    Haven’t you got a clue from watching TV? If some 86 year old man got punched into an emergency room by a robber who was stealing his car, while 6 people idly stood by and watched and did nothing, why would they help a gay men?

    This is how things go. Unless you have family or friends, they’re not gonna risk their hide to help you. They’ll shake off the responsibility to someone else.

  2. Kyle Sullivan says

    I hate to say it, but Lucrece is right. The cops don’t care about us. Most people don’t care or just don’t want to get involved. If we want protection, get a pistol and learn how to use it. Something people don’t seem to understand is, the 2nd Amendment don’t care if you’re gay or straight or liberal or anything, and the sooner some of these assholes get a bullet in the balls for trying to kill a gay man, the sooner they’ll start rethinking their actions.

  3. Attacked Online says

    Sad story. My prayers go out to this guy for justice. I experienced anti-gay slander online in Minneapolis, MN for three months. It was a local community based website ran by a guy who lives in the area. One of the attackers posted pictures of me for people to slander and make anti-gay remarks about. Another person posted a picture of a guy laying dead in the street. I contacted the FBI hate crime department here in Minneapolis and nothing was ever done. My life hasn’t been the same since, as I am afraid to go out in public to enjoy myself.

  4. Rod says

    I grew up in Detroit (West Side, corner of Wisconsin and Curtis). GET OUT OF THERE. I did so many years ago and I cringe every time I have to return. GET OUT! GET OUT! Detroit is full of uncaring animals. They are the majority. You are brave and you deserve to live in a progressive society, not a regressive society. It does get better, once you’re out of the zoo.

  5. Ex-Detroiter says

    I agree. GET OUT! No good can come out of Detroit any longer. It is a waste of time and space. Move to a PROgressive city, not a REgressive city. Enjoy your life, don’t fear for it!