1. Abie says

    They probably didn’t have time to get there. Jewish funerals happen within a day of death, and it was probably over before anyone at WBC even knew it was happening.

  2. The Realist says

    It has been said the WBC is the best thing that has happened to the Gay Rights Movement and i tend to agree. Many of my “so called ‘Christian’ friends” think it is disgusting what WBC does. My problem is they could have cared less til WBC started protesting Soldiers funerals.

    Because of the work of Dame Liz, AIDS is no longer a death sentence and funerals of AIDS victims are much fewer than when WBC first started the hateful practice of protesting funerals. Mat they rot in Hell for that alone. Remind people how their campaign started and ask them where they were “Pre-Matthew Shepard” and if they thought it was as disgusting then as it is today.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What a contrast between the calm pleasant demeanor of the Phelps son who fled thirty years ago, and the raging, dark-spirited sisters, Shirley and Margie, who are the public representatives of the Phelps clan. Hearing what a sadist Fred Phelps is, I actually do feel a little sorry for the family members that didn’t have the strength to leave.

    But I doubt the Phelps family will stop their protests once Fred dies. The brainwashing might be permanent and the family seems to enjoy their infamy.

  4. sparks says

    I would normally say it’s tacky to wish death upon anyone, but I can’t bring myself to believe that Fred Phelps is human enough to warrant any more compassion than for a dangerous and diseased animal. Out of its misery, I say.

  5. Alisdair says

    I find the Phelps clan fascinating in a morbid curiosity sort of way. They really hate everyone. They are planning to protest a Jewish community center in Newton, MA and a memorial service at Harvard and then a Lady Gaga concert in Kansas. Sometimes I check out the granddaughter Megan’s tweets. It is sort of a shame someone so seemingly intelligent can be so misled and blinded by religious dogma and hate. I grew up reading the same Bible and somehow they can’t seem to recognize the transition made between the Old and New Testaments. It’s like they take Jesus and plop him in the middle of Leviticus. Strange, strange people. Who frankly make an eternity in hell sound more appealing than one in heaven with them.

  6. Bryan says

    “There’s a sickness to it. There’s an obsessive quality to it that rings of mental illness to me.”

    Joy! What a _profound_ insight. The depth and precision of your encyclopedic knowledge and trenchant analyses never cease to astound.

    “Behar says she hopes the elder Phelps dies soon.”

    Joy, Joy, Joy… The real problem with hating someone is that it makes you take them seriously. It also makes you even dumber than usual (no small achievement in your case) and unable to see the obvious… Phelps has made it impossible to object to LGBTQ people on any level without being regarded as a complete whack job. He’s done more for us than any 10 pro-gay Hollywood celebrities combined.

    Hating people also reduces you to their level. You wish he’d die? You’ve subscribed to his principles, becoming a rancid hypocrite, which – unlike your congenital stupidity – is something for which you’re accountable.

    Get off my internet, you inarticulate, moronic panderer. I’d call you dumb as a post, but unlike loud mouthed media whores, posts serve a useful function in the world. I’ve had bowel movements as intelligent as you are. Pity you aren’t so easily flushed.

  7. mike128 says

    @Bryan: What’s with the venom?

    I love Joy and think she is saying what many of us think. She’s a straightforward, honest commentator on current events. And smart and uncompromising, as far as I can tell.

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