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Watch: New Black Eyed Peas Video 'Just Can't Get Enough' Uses Tokyo, Japan as Backdrop


The new Black Eyed Peas video "Just Can't Get Enough" was shot in Tokyo a week before the earthquake, ET reports:

"It was the easiest video I ever shot because it was us living our lives," Fergie says. "I love that it's showing a true perspective of how it can sometimes be lonely on the road away from our loved ones. It also demonstrates the love and connection we have with Japan. Our heart goes out to all of the Japanese people who have been affected by this natural disaster."

"It was an amazing moment in time because Japan has always been my favorite place on the planet," Taboo says. "It was great to do our video there. God bless the Japanese. Our love goes out to them."


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  1. I can understand posting articles about bad music when it's gay related. There's no reason to be a shill for the Black Eyed Peas, though...

    Posted by: Jacob | Mar 17, 2011 11:50:49 AM

  2. Yeah, Fergie singing, "I love you long time" is a great way for her to show her respect for the Asian community.

    Posted by: Rob V | Mar 17, 2011 12:31:23 PM

  3. Stfu Jacob - start your own site then. There is a lot of variety here. If you gonna be a hater, don't open a separate link on this site and write in a comment...

    I blow hot and cold on the Peas, but I liked this. And it is very nicely done as a tribute to Japan and with a fitting message about the tragedy and a plea for aid

    Posted by: Patrick M | Mar 17, 2011 12:35:54 PM

  4. We can’t deny the fact that Black Eyes Peas is an award winning hip-hop group. Their songs are cool and who would not love to dance and sing with their music? By the way, to all the Black Eyed Peas fans out there specially the Filipino fans, on October 25,2011 they will be a having a concert at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Get ready to party guys as the hottest hip-hop group from Los Angeles invades Manila.

    Posted by: IxomsoftTV | Oct 18, 2011 3:03:31 AM

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