1. AndyWarholsWig says

    I’d like to see him after a couple of months of not “manscaping”. You can already see in this photo that the chest hair is starting to grow back. Looks like he’s still shaving below the waistline, though. :-(

  2. neverstops says

    good looking guy

    he’d look better if he let whatever is on his tummy & chest grow a bit

    I guess that wouldn’t fit with the Glee high school image though

  3. Clint says

    Ah, the treasure trail to nowhere. I’m all for grooming and trimming, but come on. What is it about straight people and bald genitalia? This is purely an aesthetic question on my part. Men are hot maintaining what they got, whether it’s a little or whether it’s a lot. Trim, don’t shave!!
    He might look pleasing to the eye, but the trail to nowhere says something about his personality that I find, well, likely not fun.

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