News: NYT, Dustin Zito, Lambda Literary Awards, Enrique Iglesias

Road Why won't the White House endorse anti-LGBT bullying bills pending in Congress? "Neither bill was mentioned by Obama in his remarks [at the recent anti-bullying conference], nor were they mentioned by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius or Education Secretary Arne Duncan later in they day when they addressed the attendees."

Klein RoadFinalists for 23rd annual Lambda Literary Awards and Publishing Triangle awards announced.

RoadDavid Beckham offers cheek peek.

RoadNYT reveals paywall plan: "$15 per month for access to and a mobile phone app; $20 per month for access to and the iPad app; $35 per month for access to all of the above."

RoadTrump lines up with birthers.

RoadEnrique Iglesias to host U.S. X-Factor?

RoadSurprise: Focus on the Family finds civil unions "unnecessary".

RoadMaureen Dowd slams abusive priests: "Out of the church’s many unpleasant confrontations with modernity, this is the starkest. It’s tragically past time to send the message that priests can’t do anything they want and hide their sins behind special privilege."

RoadIs this some part of Scientology we didn't know about? Suri Cruise photographed eating penis gummies.

Ishikawa RoadTokyo's Harvey Milk?

RoadGraham Norton challenges Alan Carr to a "gay-off".

Road"Political correctness" of gays protesting Red Cross blood ban pushed Iowa Tea Party leader Ryan Rhodes into activism: "He read Barry Goldwater's 'The Conscience of a Conservative,' William Blackstone's 'Commentaries on the Laws of England,' and Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense.' He started going to church. He interned at the Leadership Institute, a boot camp for conservative activists in Virginia."

RoadOr Alfred E. Neuman

RoadGay men arrested for sex at London gym: "The pair, who were understood to have been in the sauna at the Virgin Active gym in Barbican, were arrested on suspicion of outraging public decency after staff called police."

RoadZac Efron: surfing at Bondi Beach.

Zito RoadExplicit images and videos of Real World Las Vegas castmember Dustin Zito begin to disappear from web in attempt to straight-wash his gay-for-pay past.

RoadA high school without bullies

RoadRosie Perez, Charlaine Harris and Hudson Taylor honored At PFLAG National's Third Annual Straight For Equality Awards. Harris: "To find that other people have been listening to the subtext of my books, and have been taking it seriously, is an unexpected delight. I'm grateful for this recognition of my small attempt to correct a great wrong, and to be the recipient of this very meaningful award."

RoadGLSEN launches sports program: "The Sport Project’s mission is to assist K-12 schools in creating and maintaining an athletic and physical education climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers and coaches regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and integrating these efforts into overall school plans to ensure a safe, respectful school climate and culture."


  1. Chris in MN says

    RE The NY Times
    The Times FAQ ( (below) says that any subscriber to the print edition gets unlimited access to all digital comment. In my ZIP code, a Sunday only subscription is $3.75 a week…which is $15 most months. This is the best option.

    I get home delivery of the newspaper. Do I get free access?
    Yes. Print subscribers to The New York Times can get free, unlimited access to on any device, plus the full range of NYTimes apps for your smartphone, tablet and your computer. Free, unlimited access to is provided to all print subscribers, no matter what type of subscription you have (daily, weekday, Weekender, etc.). You’ll also get free digital access if your home delivery is provided by a third party (rather than by The New York Times directly).

  2. says

    obama doesn’t endorse legislation till its all worked out between both houses

    uhm HCR anyone, just the biggest platform he ran on yet would not endorse any real specifics for legislation to leave it up to the house and senate to work it all out

    that is his governing style, not defending him but it just is not his style to promote specific legislation seeing it as some sort of (rightly or wrongly) stepping on the toes of the legislative branch


    Dustin zito’s past is not being white washed. It is Fratman the owner of the images that is trying to regain control over the images since he is worth more $ now thus the images worth more $ now

    The images are worthless if they are all over the net for free

  3. jj says

    my guess is that a big arch for the storyline this season is his relationship with a girl. a straight guy that has a “gay for pay” secret that will be exposed. I say he never admitted to having anal sex with a guy to MTV, and they found out after this storyline has developed. now they are trying to keep it under wraps to make the relationship seem more intriguing, realistic, and not the “fake world.”

  4. redball says

    Didnt the NYT have a paywall many, many years ago, ca. 2000 or 2003? I remember being in college and chuckling at the paywall (“Yeah, right! I can get good news reporting elsewhere! BBC, WaPo, LA Times, etc., etc., here I come.”)

    So, really, they are just bringing back an idea they once had. And I will continue to look for news elsewhere when I find myself blocked on their site.

  5. says

    I reviewed two of the titles nominated for Lambda Literary Awards in Bisexual Nonfiction. The Sal Mineo book James Franco bought the rights to is a must-read. (The other review was for Dear John, I Love Jane, which is a must-pass.)

  6. romeo says

    Regarding Trump’s birther ploy (the guy is such a publicity whore), I don’t get that anybody can doubt Obama’s citizenship. The child of a U.S. citizen is a citizen no matter where they were born, right? I know lots of people who were born offshore, and there was no question of their citizenship. I have no doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii as he has stated. However, why doesn’t the state simply release a copy of the mysterious birth certificate which they say they have and have done with it? Such bs.

  7. plaintom says

    I am so tired of this Birther Ploy. There was a presidential candidate in 2010 who was not born in the United States but it wasn’t Obama. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

  8. Lazlo says

    So do we know if Ishikawa from Japan survived the earthquake/tsunami? It would be awful if Japan lost it’s “Harvey Milk”? Hope towleroad will continue to follow his story.

  9. Randy says

    Regarding NYT, obviously somebody has to get paid, or the news (rather, the research behind the news) will stop.

    But $15 per month? For data that costs them next to nothing to send to me? And what can I do with it after I receive it? Can I save it anywhere? Archive it? Will it disappear if they decide they don’t want me to have it after all?

    Even if I got complete control over the content I paid for, I would only be willing to pay about $30 per year for it.

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