1. bobbyjoe says

    Dear Ex-Gay Movement,

    If you plan to seduce us gays into a life of servile straight-itude, don’t bait the hook with T-shirts that look like they were lettered with magic marker.



  2. Pedro says

    Wait, this idiot hasn’t even been “straight” for a year? This is such a joke! I’m Catholic and I have absolutely not one iota of guilt. Why should I feel any more guilty than heterosexual Catholics who whore around or are drunks. I’ve never met a Catholic (other than my mother) who follows every rule they learnt in Catechism. I go to mass once a week and have a clean conscience.

  3. brian says

    We mustn’t get over-excited at these sorts. Let’s concede that their behavior has been changed through the power of ministry. But let’s not them get away with the notion that their orientation has changed. Put simply, orientation does not change.

    In any case, keep in mind that the power of self-stigma – ie where you stigmatize an aspect of your sexual orientation – makes it possible for a man to suppress the behavior that emanates from that aspect of his orientation.

    Also keep in mind that this is very common already, and even without the power of religious stigma: most straight-identifying men are bisexually oriented men who choose to hook up with women only.

  4. Francis says

    Pathetic, but I don’t blame these confused and conflicted men. I blame the religious fundamentalists who take advantage of this and try to turn them into their own robots for their own personal gain. Absolutely sick. The suicide rate with ex-gays is EXTREMELY high from what I’ve read, this is a dangerous and deadly practice that absolutely has to end. Sadly, many of these people would rather be dead than be happy in their own skin.

    Does anyone want to continue to argue who our true enemies are?

  5. Pedro says

    @Brian: Most straight men are really bisexuals? That’s the most stupid thing I’ve read. Did you just make that up or what? My father and 2 brothers are straight, 100%. I think it’s kind of pathetic when gay men try to prove that every man wants to have sex with men. It’s just not true. And does the reverse work, do gay men also want to have sex with women? Stop making statements that you can’t show proof of please.

  6. Nanny McBone says

    I’ve been reporting every comment on the Facebook account as “Spam or Scam”. It is a scam.

  7. Chadd says

    Not only do I feel sorry for this man in that he is obviously experiencing a religion-induced struggle with his identity, but he fails to realize that the same religion is using him to cash in and raise money. He may be sincere, but he is deluded.

    Having gone through some “conversion therapy” when I was a teenager, I can say with certainty that it does not work. I met my first boyfriend there and we left. Every man that I have been able to keep in touch with that was part of the group is gay and most have learned to accept it. The “therapy” was probably the most damaging and self destructive thing I have ever experienced. I hope that someday the Health department will put these witch doctors out of business.

  8. Rob says

    Is the ex-gay movement anything like the ex-black or ex-Chinese movement? Oh, you’ve never heard of these movements?? Well, me neither. They don’t exist because like ethnicity, homosexuality is something you have at birth. You can’t pray it away anymore than someone can pray away their skin color or ethnicity (not that they’d want to do so). Christo-fascist “ex-gay businesses” are nothing more than money-grubers which have no interest in the person they’re “curing” of their homosexuality. These praying-capitalists are sick and disgusting people. I don’t know why they’re not branded hate groups for all the damage they do, especially to young GLBTs.

  9. Francis says

    Actually Pedro, 100% heterosexuality and homosexuality is not common, and this is based on pretty much all studies done on these subjects. Most people have, at one point or another, had some sort of thought, fantasy or experience outside of their normal orientation, or even just found someone hot they don’t identify as (meaning, a straight guy finding another guy attractive). I fully admit there are some sexy girls out there, but that doesn’t take away from my homosexuality either.

    Rob, these groups have been discredited and basically work as independent groups. All medical organizations have raised the red warning flags on these hate groups. But desperation makes people do terrible things.

    As Chadd put it, these men are being used. Even in 2011, “gay” is still a contentious issue, at least with people raised in religious conservative families and societies. These bigots are only there to take advantage of these men who are weak and need guidance. Basically turns them into their pet robots. It’s really sick. Things like this are why we need to continue to educate the masses and why we need to stick together and be strong as a community.

  10. says

    I will say this

    Passion for Christ Movement –

    Is one of the most organized Ex gay movements that I have ever seen. These folks are gonna be big & when they spread don’t say y’all haven’t been warned.
    And on a lighter note they have effective t-shirts with really hot models.

  11. Dback says

    “Oh you weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace! What you need is someone to take hold of you–gently, with love, and hand your life back to you.” (Tennessee Williams)

    Poor Carlos. So beautiful, so deserving of love–and seemingly headed for more heartache.

  12. Danny says

    My guess is that Carlo will end up hooking up with the dude who put his hands on him when he was in the bathtub. He would not be the first person to experience the close relationship between eroticism and intense spiritual experiences.

  13. Francis says

    Actually, ask a bisexual guy, these organizations are for the most part running out of money and support as they continue being exposed as hacks. The number of people claiming a religion are dwindling. And Alan Chambers HIMSELF admitted that no-one actually changes their sexuality, so this is nothing but sexual repression and spiritual emptiness.

  14. steven says

    Watch for Carlos to be arrested trying to hookup in a Public Men’s Rest Room. He’ll be down on his knees, but not praying.

  15. Danny says

    @Steven–actually what usually happens is these guys end up leaving the “ministry” with another “ex-gay” dude they met “inside”. This has happened to more than one fraudster-founder of such organizations.

  16. pdxblueyes says

    Really? the Lord told him to get baptized? He washed his “Homosexuality” down the drain? Really? I thought that when he asked the Lord to fix him, he would be told that there was NOTHING wrong with him…

    “How come when we talk to God, we’re praying. But when God talks to us, we’re Schizophrenic?”
    …Lily Tomlin

  17. Dave in Chicago says

    As predictable as Carlos’s eventual discovery behind the bushes with another guy is the litany of “she’s a pathetic, confused little queen” comments on here… :)

  18. northoftheborderguy says

    facebook has new rules about content. you can report groups as containing sexual hatred. have at’er.

  19. just a guy says

    this would be funny if he weren’t so thoroughly brainwashed and castrated by the Christianists.

    it makes me a little bit ill. have some dignity, man.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “My father and 2 brothers are straight, 100%”

    So was Eddie Murphy, Pedro.

    Let’s put it this way: some Gays have had sex with more bisexual guys than we’ve had with Gay guys. That might give us a kinda’ distorted view–we think every straight man is “havable”.

    Now, that I think about it I agree with Brian. The majority are bisexual under the right circumstances–like jail. Get a 100% straight guy drunk and he’ll pull out his weenie for you in second. I know this.

  21. just a guy says

    ahh, who cares, Derrick. if a true bisexual calls himself “ex-gay” he’s no less bisexual. it’s just that he lacks all moral-compass in denigrating people who have stronger inherent preferences for the same-sex than he happens to.

    still, i don’t see why a bisexual shouldn’t be respected for choosing to identify as “straight” if he feels that’s most accurate for who he is–so long as he isn’t antigay in any way. if he is (like the soul-sucked dope-wad in this video), then he deserves our disrepect and universal condemnation for his a***ole beliefs.

  22. Gregv says

    @justaguy: A bisexual may in some cases call himself “straight” out of fear of prejudice, but if he convinces himself that he is straight then he is either delusional or ignorant.
    The phenomenon reminds me of a guy I knew who said “yuck, I hate black people.”.
    I said, “excuse me, but aren’t you half black?”
    He said something like, “Don’t remind me. I look black but I identify as white.”
    Even if you take out the “yuck” part, there is something pathological with someone who is so unaccepting of himself that he convinces himself he is something else he thinks is more accepted.

  23. Jimmy says

    It seems like a heart-felt video. If it feels like the right direction for him, I think he should do it.

    I’m a little sceptical about his claims. I presume he’s either non-sexual or was bisexual and didn’t realise it.

    And finally, he has really nice hair.

  24. chadSF says

    I’ve reported their Facebook page as hateful and targeting a group based on their orientation.

  25. Beau says

    Let’s just blame homosexuality for everything wrong in our live’s, and get it over with. This formally unhappy man used to blame God for making him the way he was. How irrational is that? Now that he’s found Jesus, was baptized, he’s happy because he no longer has homosexuality to get in his way of serving the Lord. That makes as much sense as me wanting to change my gender so I can be a lesbian. Stop with the blame game people, it wastes everybody’s time.

  26. says

    Oh, so that’s what the problem is all these years I’ve been taking showers. If I wanted to be straight (used to when I was confused, but not anymore) I should have been taking baths.