Gay Man Takes Lead At Newly Revived Worcester NAACP

Ravi_Perry1 After five-years of dormancy, the NAACP chapter in Worcester, MA, has pulled itself back together, and starts its new era under the leadership of an openly gay man, Professor Ravi Perry.

Perry, a political science professor at Clark University, was elected Saturday with a slated of new officers. The 28-year-old says he hopes that as an openly gay man he can help the storied civil rights group address long-ignored gay and lesbian issues in minority communities.

Perry also said that most on the newly elected Worcester board are 40 years of age, signaling a generational shift within the NAACP.

Anything that brings oppressed groups together gets a thumbs up from me, so good luck to Professor Perry and the Worcester NAACP.


  1. TampaZeke says

    Excellent news on many fronts. Excellent that the NAACP chapter is being revived (anyone who thinks it has outlived its purpose is a fool). Excellent that this young, accomplished gay man is going to lead it, and excellent that he is going to draw attention to issues concerning gay people of color and the commonalities between oppressed peoples.

    Kudos to Dr. Perry!

  2. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    This sounds promising. Civil rights should be the concern of all, and the concerns are especially real for folks who are both sexual and racial minorities. I wish him well.

  3. Joe says

    He’s really hot, and his body looks amazing even in that suit. And he has a phd. And he’s an activist that’s working to build real solidarity between the black and gay community. And he lives in a state where same-sex marriage is legal.

    I suddenly feel like a 13 year old girl.

    Great work that he’s doing.

  4. says

    This is great news. Hope it has an impact on other chapters. His visibility as an out black gay man can challenge so much of the out dated thinking among some civil rights supporters. I may consider joining if the NAACP makes a push for more inclusion.

  5. Joe says


    The NAACP officially supprots marriage equality and benjamin jealous (NAACP president) has come out strongly in favor of it and spoken out against anti-gay movement in the U.S. They also created an LGBT task force about a year ago (and publicly came out against prop 8 as well).

  6. Chitown Kev says


    Let’s not get it twisted.

    On the national level, the NAACP has not taken a position on marriage equality, although Benjamin Jealous has said that he is personally FOR marriage equality.

    Several NAACP chapters do support marriage equality however, including the California NAACP (which did come out against Prop 8, that is correct).

  7. says

    Lets not get it twisted JUST be happy these white folks are. STOP being so damn critical in front of another audience!
    And since they don’t on a national level then join Boo and begin to change hearts and minds!


  8. Chitown Kev says


    You know me well enough to know that I hate the bullshit coming from all sides of the argument 9I just don’t like inaccurate info, period actually).

    And I don’t need you childish and patronizing lecture on how to properly act in front of white folks.

  9. Shennell says

    It is great to see a young, successful gay African-American in a visible leadership role. Hopefully, others will step up, follow in his footsteps and also become leaders in their respective communities.

  10. C says

    All this wishful thinking is nice to see, but let’s have a reality check for a moment: most black people don’t like gays. And they do so more openly than other groups. What was the black Prop 8 vote in CA? Something like 70%+ voted to ban gay marriage?

    Hopefully this guy will have a positive impact, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Maybe he can work on reducing the misogyny and homophobia in rap music.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “…most black people don’t like gays.”

    And we’re now aware that most White Gay people don’t like Black people. So, there.

    Let’s take White Americans who are from the same religious tradition that most Black Americans come from (Southern Fundamentalist Christians)–do you think those White folks are all lovey dovey with Gays?

    Oh, child, it never fails to happen.

    (And please don’t try to figure out when and why I capitalize “Black”, “Gay” or “White”. Obviously, grammar aint got nothin’ to do with it. I do capitalize when I feel like it.)

  12. Chitown Kev says

    @Derrick From Philly

    And I fail to understand what in the hell does Professor Ravi Perry’s chair at the NAACP chapter in Wocester, Massachusetts have to do with California or Prop 8 or any of that.

    But we know that racist white folk (gay or straight) thinks that all we colored folk are just the same. (sigh!)

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