1. says

    I wonder if he asked his wife (who was battling cancer) for forgiveness.

    This is a new excuse. “The country made me do it.” Let’s call this the “patriot” defense. I place it just one notch above the “twinkie” defense on the bullshit scale.

  2. Brent says

    Newt Gingrich would like to remind everybody that marriage is between one man and one woman whom you abandon while she is riddled with cancer on her hospital bed while you have sex with your mistress whom you later marry and then cheat on with a third woman while screaming with Godly moral outrage about the infidelities of the president.

  3. Jack M says

    As long as you are the one that is speaking, you can let everyone know that God forgives you. The implication there is that everyone else should too. Get it?

  4. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    The headline of this post is not supported the excerpt quoted within.

    Anyone who’s spent too many hours at work or has been away from home on extended travel knows that intimacy with a spouse can suffer. And temptations may also abound….

    That said, I think Newt Gingrich is a dirty trash bag, regardless.

    I just think the headline’s kind of a stretch.

  5. The_Fixer says

    As a Secular Atheist, I find his classifying me as an elitist offensive. I have a valid reason for my beliefs, his beliefs apparently center on the elitism of religion – you’re no good if you ain’t with god.

    This is obviously the most inelegant of spin doctoring. Anybody who actually believes this crap is truly deluding themselves. I really love the “get out of jail free card” that these politicians on the right employ – a forgiving god who will wipe the slate clean of their ethical transgressions, whether they be personal or political. All it takes is faith, no commitment to do better and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    The man is a sickening goat.


  6. says

    Now, now boys. Don’t you know how this works? If he just says 5 Hail Mary’s and 3 Our Father’s he’s off the hook until he does it again. For each transgression, that number doubles. He can keep this game up for a very longtime. All the christianites understand god’s grace and forgiving nature. Just do the penance, throw a little money into the tiller and all is good.

  7. CPT_Doom says

    If Newt, as I have heard, converted to Catholicism so he and his third wife could have a church wedding, I have to wonder what excuse the Church used to invalidate his first two marriages. He had to get annulments to have that Church wedding and I think it is fair game to ask whether he thinks the relationships were invalid himself.

  8. walter says

    if love of country makes you cheat on your dying wife real americans like washington and lincoln must have had harrems . this man keeps making excuses for behaving badly. newt believes in one man and many women. according to his book the bible isn’t adultery a punishable crime.

  9. Dave in Chicago says

    @Jack – Many Americans ARE that stupid.

    I wonder if Newt asked his god for forgiveness after the first, second, or third time it happened? Fool me once…

  10. Adam says

    He is such as ass. Used to see him all the time in restaurants with his 2nd wife in DC (she is absolutly a wonderful woman). I agree with Cpt_doom, I really wonder how he got those previous marriages annuled. A Catholic neighbor took 4 years to get her marriage annuled and her husband was in jail for embezelment!

  11. New jersey gurl says

    There is no doubt that Gingrich is unelectable on a nationsl level. The nutbags living in his district may think it’s cute that Gingrich is a serial adulterer. Unfortunately for him, the rest of America does not.

    The good news? The more money Gingrich and the Koch-heads spend on totally unelectable candidates the less money they have to wage future battles. Call it Meg Twitman’s Syndrome.

  12. noteasilyoffended says

    Enough of this adulterer and hypocrite. And he is BOTH! He is just another of the conservatives who believe that rules and ethics apply to ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. This man cheated on his wife breaking one of his all-precious commandments. He is in NO position to get on a moral high horse in ANY way or on ANY subject. He did exactly what he berated Bill Clinton for doing- having extra-marital affairs. Is he worthy of holding the most powerful position in US government? No f*ing way. He is very bold for thinking that the American people have forgotten his sinful past.

  13. JOE 2 says

    Yes, that’s right, Newt, “things happened” in your life that were inappropriate. It’s amazing – they just happened! All by themselves! You had nothing to do with it! They just happened TO you – it’s not like you made choices for which you refuse to take responsibility or anything. Poor Newt – such a victim! And all because he loves America SO MUCH. Vomit.

  14. rick gaylor says

    His behaviour is what in theological circles is called “licensiouness” or “feeling the license to act and do whatever you want believing that if you confess it after the fact, then God will just forgive it again, and again, and again…” What a selfish view.

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