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Italian Newspaper Slams Ikea's Gay Ad

Ikea has released a cute, pro-gay ad in Italy that reads: "We are open to all families. With us you will feel at home. What we want to do is make life easier for everyone, every family, every couple, whoever they are."

The ad, which is currently only being displayed on billboards in Catania, Sicily, has prompted the Silvio Berlusconi-owned newspaper, Il Giornale, to go on the attack. Gay rights advocates, however, are praising Ikea's accepting attitude.

Ikea2The Daily Mail reports:

"Il Giornale has labelled it as 'provocative' and added: 'What's behind all this? It's not awareness of gay rights for gay couples. It's just a brazen marketing strategy.’"

"The paper went on to say that it was ''not an isolated incident'' but a clear attempt at ''Swedish Imperialism'' that tried to make everyone equal by having the same ''cheap furniture.''"

"Il Giornale added: 'One has to ask what is the point of such a campaign by IKEA in Catania - it's obvious that they are just trying to get themselves talked about.’  Berlusconi and his ruling People of Freedom Party have long championed family values and aligned themselves with the all-powerful Catholic Church which condemns homosexuality and same sex relationships. Il Giornale's website was inundated with outraged comments protesting at what they called a ''shock campaign'' but gay rights campaigners in Italy welcomed the advert."

"Blog Queer Italy said: ’Nothing can be more indigestible for our bigots and homophobes who cannot bear to read the word family with the words same sex. ‘We like this advert and we welcome it - maybe some others will follow on from this campaign and look forward progressively and modernly, instead of backwards to the Middle Ages.’"

Last year, Prime Minister Berlusconi received criticism for his saying that "it’s better to be passionate about beautiful girls than gay."

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  1. If gays actually knew just how homophobic Sicily is, they would never set foot on that over-marketed Caymans with better food....marginally.

    BTW, it's shithole. Believe me.

    Posted by: AllBeefPatty | Mar 19, 2011 11:31:51 AM

  2. i guess i can add italy as a place that does not deserve my gay dollars!

    Posted by: Luc | Mar 19, 2011 11:45:00 AM

  3. I don't like their stuff but I welcome their advertising campaign.

    Posted by: malo | Mar 19, 2011 11:46:01 AM

  4. So a newspaper owned by the paedophile whoremaster Silvio Berlusconi is shocked? Italians need to wake up and realise that Berlusconi has made Italy into a huge joke - the backward laughing stock of Europe.

    Posted by: Stephen Murray | Mar 19, 2011 11:59:42 AM

  5. Swedish Imperialism? that's just funny

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Mar 19, 2011 12:05:42 PM

  6. looks like Silvio Berlusconi is trying to take the heat off of his sleeping with little girls - for money! or at least off of the front page...

    Posted by: mike/ | Mar 19, 2011 12:14:31 PM

  7. Grover - my thoughts, too - "Swedish Imperialism" lol - a couple hundred years late.

    Posted by: Zeke | Mar 19, 2011 12:15:32 PM

  8. Who cares what the criminally sociopathic adulterous pedophile Berlusconi thinks. When is he going to jail?

    Posted by: Dave | Mar 19, 2011 12:17:15 PM

  9. Great job Ikea and it's good to know there was outrage at the ridiculous comments of the Berlusconi newpaper. Says a lot about people like him that they think a business openly supporting same-sex couples like they would anyone else is Swedish imperialism and a shock campaign. Oh well, that pedophile will be locked up soon enough.

    Posted by: Francis | Mar 19, 2011 12:25:58 PM

  10. Who invaded Ethiopia, Berlusconi? (Hint: It wasn't Sweden.)

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Mar 19, 2011 1:42:17 PM

  11. hi there, fortunately Italy is slowly changing, may be too much slowly, but it is a process that has already started ando no one can stop it...

    one question: I looked through google for "blog queer italy" but I didn't find it, could you provide a link?

    thanx in advance from Rome...

    Posted by: Fabio | Mar 19, 2011 2:36:04 PM

  12. Many Italian mamma's boys are still very deep in the closet living a loveless hetero life all the while cheating on themsleves and their partners.

    Posted by: Chriss | Mar 19, 2011 3:07:35 PM

  13. Assembling our new wardrobes almost ended my relationship with my otherwise wonderful boyfriend. No prizes for guessing the shop we bought them in...

    Posted by: arch | Mar 19, 2011 4:09:29 PM

  14. I understand that the title actually says: “Let be open to all the families.” An Italian native would be helpful though, maybe it has both meanings. That it’s better because is calling for others to be open, not just that they are the open ones.

    Posted by: Lexxvs | Mar 19, 2011 4:16:40 PM

  15. I'm part Italian descent. One of my relatives just came back from visiting Sicily. All I can say my ancestor made a smart choice by immigrating to America.

    ''Swedish Imperialism'' LOL....!

    Posted by: ratbastard | Mar 19, 2011 4:38:27 PM

  16. And as another poster said, a lot of Italian [in Italy] dudes are 'Momma's' boys.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Mar 19, 2011 4:40:12 PM

  17. As a Catholic, and someone who has visited Italy (including the independent state of Vatican City), it's a well known fact that Italy will probably have gay equality in a century or so, after all of Eastern Europe, including backward Russia! The Vatican's tentacles reach far and wide. They will do everything in their power to influence against gay equality.

    Italy is a beautiful country, why would anyone not want to see the wondrous monuments decaying, but still standing nonetheless of Glorious Rome. Are you really going to wait until Italians get with gay equality, if so, you'll die without seeing such a beautiful country and incredible architecture. To boycott countries because of their gay tolerance, is just not my thing. I'm a history lover, and I want to see as much of the world as I can while I'm young and can do it cheap without my body complaining too much from the bad hostel accommodations etc.

    Posted by: Pedro | Mar 19, 2011 5:41:53 PM

  18. @Pedro that's all and good to enjoy traveling and learning the history of humans until someone bashes in your head because your gay because they have been told by the bible and God to do so. It does happen.

    Posted by: Skooter McGoo | Mar 19, 2011 7:30:05 PM

  19. The next IKEA poster should be like this one, photographed from behind, with an elderly gentleman in an impeccably tailored suit holding hands with an underage, mini-skirted "niece".

    Posted by: BobN | Mar 19, 2011 8:08:01 PM

  20. Funny, but when I go through my mental list of 'family-values' role-models, Silvio Berlusconi doesn't appear to feature prominently...

    Posted by: Mundus | Mar 19, 2011 9:34:22 PM

  21. I did find the "cheap furniture" comment kind of funny, the rest not so much.

    Posted by: hank | Mar 19, 2011 10:28:21 PM

  22. I'm italian. I "lolled" when I first read the thing about swedish imperialism on that shitty berlusconian newspaper.
    By the way, Italy just celebrated 150 years as a Nation. 150 it's enough - Swedish Kingdom, we're waiting for your troops.

    Posted by: Disorder | Mar 20, 2011 12:25:13 AM

  23. PS. about the credibility of "Il Giornale": this is the front page of the 16.3.2011 edition:

    ...Japan was facing earthquake and a nuclear/ecological emergency on a worldwide scale, but all the scene is for.... 1) a soap-opera affair between a Berlusconi-minister (and ex pinup...) and a married opposition-deputy; 2) the "absolution" of the journalist currently under trial for providing Berlusconi with underage whores, by his sympathethic wife. Yes, his wife is of course a Berlusconi-deputy.

    Posted by: Disorder | Mar 20, 2011 12:39:15 AM

  24. @LEXXVS. No, it clearly and unequivocally says "we are open" not "Let's be open". BTW, I don't know about elsewhere but here in Italy the IKEA catalogue has, already for some years, featured obviously gay male couples choosing a sofa together or setting a dining table together etc. Viva IKEA !

    Posted by: Sqqueak | Mar 20, 2011 2:21:32 AM

  25. Pedro, I appreciate your comments. However, I have too little time and too little money to waste on hateful countries. My husband wants to go to Italy, but I won't go as long as that country continues to have their morals upside down.

    Go to Spain or Portugal instead. Or Argentina!

    Posted by: TonyJ | Mar 21, 2011 1:10:39 PM

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