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Bishop Harry Jackson: The Black Church 'Raised Up the Banner of Jesus' to Kill Gay Marriage in Maryland


Anti-gay crusader Bishop Harry Jackson spoke with the Christian Broadcast Network following the shelving of the marriage equality bill in Maryland and claimed the win for the Black Church:

"We exerted spiritual impact in that natural secular arena. It took the Church coming out, the Black Church, and telling its representatives, don't listen to party leadership. Understand that you're going to have to come back to your own community. They see you sort of as lemmings who are willing to march off to your death. When really and truly there will be a price to pay. That message came across. The Church was strong. And the Black church did raise up the banner of Jesus and win the day for the Church in Maryland."


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  1. @Tyn, you're rather stupid and obviously not very aware of history because then you would know that religion was forced down the throats of everyone, including your European ancestors (I'm guessing that you're white). The Christianization of Europe was a very bloody business, does that somehow illegitimizes white Christian faith? Or does forced Christianity only illegitimize black Christian faith? You gringos are rather interesting. I always find it funny, how some stupid black man can assume to speak for black people everywhere and white Americans take him at his word, yet if a white person did the same thing (claimed to speak for whites everywhere), he'd be laughed out of town. Racism is a funny business.

    Posted by: pedro | Mar 15, 2011 10:28:25 AM

  2. "kill a queer for christ" lives on

    Posted by: r | Mar 15, 2011 10:31:22 AM

  3. "If churches are going to partake in politics why don't they pay taxes?"

    Nailed it. How dare this man go in public and say that his so-called "church" affected gay persons' rights while he pays no taxes thanks to many gays who do. Ugh.

    Posted by: Drew | Mar 15, 2011 10:47:33 AM

  4. Why can't commenters single out the problems with Black Churches when the subject of the post singles out the Black Churches himself? If the Black Church wants to fight gay marriage then they open the door for me and others to fight them and their numerous hypocrisies.

    Posted by: Don | Mar 15, 2011 10:57:33 AM

  5. My question is for everyone that always says it's the lack of outreach by gays that causes the problem in the black community. Where are the strong black gay leaders that should be standing up and publicly dealing with these issues? When gay orgs do try to reach out there get branded as rich white gays trying to tell the black community what to do... So where are the leaders that can stand up to the black community as a whole and say We are here.. We and your sons your daughters etc and we are gay. Stand with us against this oppression.

    Posted by: Yarrow | Mar 15, 2011 11:06:06 AM

  6. These people make me sorry I ever worked for their civil rights movement back in the 60's.

    Posted by: jleo71 | Mar 15, 2011 11:11:26 AM

  7. You know Chitown, all those names you mentioned are too academic,in a way in particular Rod and Keith-too much integrity if that makes sense?

    We need someone who is a self promoter and who loves the news limelight, to be crude but can also debate. Those guys are not self promoters.

    Re Pam, I tend to agree with her rarely because she shoots all over the place, my specific issue is her obsession with bringing Obama down when things were not going her way, it was childish. She understands politics, what was she playing at? People like her are why the GOP control the House. Well played. All hyperbole and posturing.

    But now that shes be invited to the table at Outgiving, I've agreed with her posts because she was being full of histrionics and was making sense about the complex activism system.

    Posted by: Rowan | Mar 15, 2011 11:23:59 AM

  8. I find myself sitting here wondering how long it will be before Bishop Jackson's scandal breaks in the speak in a language that the Bishop will understand..."Pride cometh before a fall."

    Posted by: Robie | Mar 15, 2011 11:33:24 AM

  9. "I always find it funny, how some stupid black man can assume to speak for black people everywhere and white Americans take him at his word, yet if a white person did the same thing (claimed to speak for whites everywhere), he'd be laughed out of town. Racism is a funny business."

    Important observation, PEDRO. I appreciate you pointing that out (even with my over thirty-year old azz).

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 15, 2011 11:38:44 AM

  10. OK Bishop Jackson- "Let's Dance"- Leviticus 25:44-46

    Posted by: PLAINTOM | Mar 15, 2011 12:09:16 PM

  11. @Derrickfromphilly: Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of stupid negros, I've had the misfortune of meeting some of them. But I've observed that white Americans seem completely incapable of treating persons of other ethnicities as individuals. They can't just speak ill of this man, they have to speak ill of blacks in the collective...They do the same thing with Latinos, and the funny thing is I'm actually one hundred percent European myself. My mother's family moved from Spain to Argentina in the 30's (The Spanish Civil War) and my father was born in León, Spain. But because I immigrated from Argentina, I have un nombre Castillano y hablo español, they assume that I'm something other than what I am. I always observe their racism with quiet amusement. Notice, no one blamed the white church (whatever that may be) for the debacle in Maine. As I've stated before, racism is a funny business.

    Posted by: Pedro | Mar 15, 2011 12:19:54 PM

  12. Harry Jackson saying that he speaks for "The Black Church" is like Tony Perkins saying that he speaks for all Christians or a Catholic bishop saying that he speaks for all Catholics (of course, SOME gays belive that all of the above is actually the case).

    By that POV, then I can say that the Wileys in DC speak for "The Black Church" too, when they wed same-sex couples.

    All of it is preposterous.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Mar 15, 2011 12:23:44 PM

  13. somebody should remind jackson that the bible also allows for the owning of slaves. i doubt the good rev would like to be back picking cotton anytime soon.

    Posted by: walter | Mar 15, 2011 1:00:44 PM

  14. "These people make me sorry I ever worked for their civil rights movement back in the 60's"

    I know, JLE071, that's why by the 1970s you started working for the Klan. I know we Blacks can be difficult--too much rhythm, not enough dance floors.

    "somebody should remind jackson that the bible also allows for the owning of slaves. i doubt the good rev would like to be back picking cotton anytime soon."

    I don't know, Walter, the bad rev might have been one of those free Blacks in 19th Century New Orleans or New York--standing on a street corner preaching against whores and sodomites. You do know what sodomites are, don'tcha', Walter?

    Or he might have been working the docks--welcoming all those immigrants coming to American cities whose foundations were already laid with the help of those cotton pickers.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 15, 2011 4:33:18 PM

  15. The problem here is not the black church, the problem here is the practice of christianity itself. Eliminate christianity, eliminate the problem...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Mar 15, 2011 6:24:32 PM

  16. "State by state struggles are important, I guess-- but I never believed that's where the struggle for Gay Americans civil rights would be won."


    They matter like hell! Do you think the federal courts would be addressing the constitutionality of DOMA if the Hawaii Supreme Court had not first ruled that it was illegal to keep gay Hawaiians from marrying each other?

    Posted by: RedCedar | Mar 16, 2011 12:52:20 AM

  17. It is a typical far right wing scare tactic especially during election season and it will ultimately FAIL no matter what they think! See Bishop Eddie Long, he is an Evangelical closet case. Google him and see what you get!

    Posted by: Jeffrey Dunivant | Mar 16, 2011 3:12:09 AM

  18. Those White folks know they love us Gays!

    Posted by: Chris DaChocolatebearcub | Mar 16, 2011 4:05:43 AM

  19. Only the elimination of all conservative Christians will allow all Americans to be free and the world to no longer have to live in fear of the U.S.A.'s imperialist, terrorist holy war. The conservative ideology has never helped mankind in any way, it has not only never helped mankind in anyway, it has oppressed, murdered, raped and killed all those in it's way to gain power. History shows us this. Fact shows us this. James Madison, the "Father of the U.S. Constitution", along with many founders of this country, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliations, knew keeping politics and religion separate not only preserves each, but helps them flourish: "The number, the industry, and the morality of the Priesthood and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church and the State."

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Mar 16, 2011 6:53:13 AM



    I am tired of being attacked, robbed, and denied equal rights by heterosexual religious zealots who blame same-gender-loving people for their failed marriages. Last year, on January 27, 2010, I read a statement released by the Associated Press, quoting the founder of a family values think-tank who said (while testifying before the California Supreme Court) that rights of same-sex couples should come second to preserving the cherished social institution of marriage. You may have also noted that this year, President Obama is catching a fair amount of grief from theologically conservative African American pastors for his decision to no longer defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which bans the recognition of same-sex marriage. Reverend Anthony Evans, who heads the National Black Church Initiative, recently lashed out at Obama, stating, "The president has harmed himself on this issue... He has openly offended the black church, and he didn't need to do it."

    Most of my life, I have served in worship centers across America in one capacity or another, and I can tell you that what has eroded heterosexual marriages has nothing to do with a secret gay agenda and/or conspiracy spearheaded by evil men and women dressed in rainbow-hooded robes like the Ku Klux Klan in the '50 and '60s. I have decided to remain in the ranks, unlike many same-gender-loving men and women who have left the church because of crazy statements like these (heralded from pulpits across America) and attitudes that demean and demoralize them as individuals. So I know first-hand that the reason Bishop so-and-so and Prophetess so-and-so got divorced had absolutely nothing to do with my attraction to another man. I didn't live in their house! I did not attend their lavish wedding! I certainly didn't secretly carry on an illicit sexual affair behind the scenes with either of them. And I was not the confidant they confided in when things began to crumble in their marriages and the erotic flame burned out in their sex lives. Nor was I the person they sought when they made their decision to marry and needed marriage counseling, although after observing the horrific aftermath of their failed marriage, perhaps I should have been!

    Melissa Etheridge made a profound statement when she questioned the U.S. government's right to extract taxes from her (a hard-working same-gender-loving U.S. Citizen), yet deny her the right to marry the person she loves. Well, this is not something that is new to me as an African-American. For years, this same so-called Democratic government has denied people of color across this great nation their equal rights, all the while working them to death to build their mansions, work on their plantations, prosper their businesses by stealing their inventions and creative ideas, and pad their financial portfolios. Then one day, a Black man by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., from Atlanta, Georgia, got fed up and said "Enough"!!! Dr. King radically galvanized a generation in a time when everything was against them! People took to the streets with signs in hand - much like the LGBT community has done and began to demand what is due them as law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

    It was not an easy battle, change never is! This is something I learned as a Black youth growing up in Southeast Los Angeles. During this very era, many were left bleeding and decapitated as their dead bodies were left swinging from trees side to side, blown by the winds of hatred and discrimination, the result of being horribly disfigured and murdered. Some were maimed, having lost limbs like legs or arms and mothers kicked in the stomach - never again able to bear children after brutal beatings. But something in them kept them from turning back, even in the face of insurmountable odds. They persevered in their struggle until all Americans could enjoy the freedom of which this country proudly boasts.

    So no, I won't shut up or go quietly into the night and stop protesting just because certain conservative Evangelical pastors and redneck politicians threaten to withdraw their support from the President of the United States (Barack Obama) in future elections. I appreciate the fact that Obama is working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that one day, I can walk down the aisle in the state that I live in and say "I do" to the man I love; and be able to avail myself to the same healthcare benefits and federal benefits and provisions that heterosexuals who enter a similar union are afforded.

    I have one question to ask, especially to the so-called defenders of Civil Rights in the African-American community: What if during the Civil Rights Era, some misguided soul who headed a powerful political organization or government had the gall to stand up and say, "I think that equal rights for African-Americans should come second to preserving the cherished social institution of inequality and discrimination?!" Oops! Well, someone actually did say something similar to that! Governor George Wallace made numerous outlandish statements that were so crazy, until if I shared them with you now it literally would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. And here is the knock-out punch: When he made these outlandish statements, millions of white Americans across the country cheered him and supported his backward discriminatory way of thinking, the same way many do when spiritual leaders mount the pulpit and bash gay people. Had it not been for President Kennedy intervening by appointing his brother, Robert, as Attorney General to deal with these issues, something that may have ultimately cost him his life, the Civil Rights Movement's stunning achievements may have been stymied and hindered, for who knows how long! Moreover, countless more innocent African-Americans would have been beaten and killed in public view, all to preserve the status quo.

    Now because I hate to complain about problems and never offer solutions (something that I will do at the conclusion of this article), I must address another stunning revelation that I discovered just yesterday. Apparently, there are 170,000 inmates in the state of California in a prison system designed to service at the most 100,000. You might ask, "Well, how could we let this happen?" I will never forget the night I sat comfortably in my living room and watched a popular news program that clearly exposed one of the most powerful unions in America attempt to continue to hold hundreds of thousands of inmates across the country in institutions - not because they had committed some extremely hideous, unforgiveable crime, but because it was big business and profitable to do so. Furthermore, I have observed that when any governor or top official tries to combat this injustice and craft new legislation to release non-violent offenders, this same powerful union exerts its powerful financial and political muscle to stymie and obstruct their efforts. And they do this by using well-known law enforcement figures like puppets to frighten the American public by informing them via newscasts, Internet, and infomercials that their children are going to be raped or molested, if these criminals are released. They sound a false alarm, as if your home will be ransacked in the middle of the night by some illiterate Black or Latino man and that the Police Department will be overwhelmed by increased crime if these horrible people -- by the way, many of them your fathers, mothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins, uncles, and aunts -- are released. Millions, if not billions, are being misappropriated in order to care for incarcerated people yearly, causing severe cutbacks in vital funding such as educational programs, programs that benefit the growing elderly population, AIDS organizations that service an increasingly number of our youth, social security, and many other much needed social programs. This misappropriation of funds now threatens to annihilate even welfare! Year after year, we allow the prison profiteers to entice and even coerce us into believing that it would be better to lay off teachers, caregivers, city employees, and public servants, rather than to release people who most likely shouldn't be there in the first place -- particularly on an extended basis. Is it any wonder why the Bible urges us to "Awake oh thou that sleepest?!"

    Yet, where are our pastors, shepherds, and religious leaders whom we hold in high esteem, and cater to, to the point of excess? Unfortunately, they are MIA, and if you do find them, they are in Washington D.C. or in Sacramento California, fighting to deny hard-working people the right to marry the person of their choice. And what is their answer to the AIDS pandemic that is ravaging their ministries and claiming the lives of millions of their parishioners, and the millions of men and women who are being herded like cattle into prison institutions, while unions and the private sector get filthy rich, as a result of their incarceration? Their answer is to channel over $45 million of their parishioners' tithes and offerings to combat Proposition 8 while many churches don't even have a food pantry to feed the poor or a church bus to transport its elderly to and from church, or any effective counseling programs for sexually-active teens to keep them from having children out of wedlock or prevent them from contracting AIDS or STDs. And tragically, no marriage counseling programs that deal with real issues for couples considering marriage.

    I have heard it said time and time again by pastors all over America: "We must sound a trumpet in Zion. The very foundation of our Christian faith is under attack because the gays are getting married!" - forgetting that Jesus said, "On this rock I build my church and nothing can prevail against it, not even the gates of hell!" I say that we must sound several trumpets in Zion and tell the pastors, bishops, priests, and spiritual leaders of our flocks to stop acting like Adam and Eve who blamed each other, the tempter, and even the Creator for their transgressions and shortcomings and face up to the facts. The facts are that they have been acting like the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day who criticized Him for feeding His disciples because they were hungry on the Sabbath day because of some distorted legalistic ritual they thought was Biblically correct - all because He allowed them to eat in the cornfields. Yes, by all means, let's sound a trumpet in Zion and send those same pastors packing back to their seminaries and theological educational institutions so that they can learn the true meaning of scripture.

    And lastly, someone please inform them that the best way to shore up the institution of marriage is to spend generous amounts of time with their congregations and couples who are considering marriage and not be MIA (missing in action) because they are down at the courthouse protesting. Rather, they should teach couples how to be good husbands and wives and how to walk in love and integrity from the Word of God. Jesus' real message is that we should walk in love and live lives of integrity before people, not misappropriate $45 million fighting a proposition that will ultimately be overturned, which by the way, had it passed, would have generated countless millions of much needed revenue over the next ten years into California's impoverished economy. Wisdom would surely encourage our spiritual leaders to readjust their priorities and start addressing the real issues that plague their congregations and communities and to stop being remiss in their responsibilities as leaders and shepherds.

    You may wonder what all of this has to do with the subject of health, but when we think of what wholeness and real health truly means; it is best defined as peace of mind, health of body, and harmonious relationships. It is a proven fact that the joy of possessing a super-abundance of material things can easily be eclipsed by depression and even suicidal thoughts if a person does not have self love, peace of mind and psychological stability. A great majority of gays, lesbians, therapists, liberals and mental health professionals believe that many of the individuals who commit suicide are motivated to end their lives because of internalized self-hatred acquired as a result of being rejected by family, parishioners, pastors and peers which they internalized during their childhood and teenage years. Laws and propositions that deny same-gender-loving people equal rights (including marriage equality) and homophobic sermons preached from pulpits shrouded in dogmatic theology, only reinforce prejudices and negative ideas which sends a message to society that people who are gay and lesbian are freaks of nature and undeserving of any constitutional provision. The result is that countless innocent children and teens buy into this unfounded inhumane idea that they are misfits with no other alternative but to end their lives. This is a needless tragedy that we must do everything in our power to stop!

    By Terry Angel Mason, Global Author
    Author of The Bestselling Book: Love Won't Let Me Be Silent


    Posted by: Terry Angel Mason | Mar 28, 2011 9:38:13 PM

  21. There aren't enough of us to "stop gay marriage" in the first place. I feel angry just thinking about the effect the church has on the Black community. Most non-religious Blacks don't care or support gay marriage. It's getting better though- except for those who love their gay family/friends, but hate "their sin". I grew up around mostly whites, therefore it took me a long time to discover the true evil of Black conservatism.

    Posted by: Sappho | Apr 18, 2011 7:44:25 PM

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