Jersey Shore’s Angelina: ‘The Situation’ is in The Closet


Jersey Shore's Angelina suggested that Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino might be gay in an interview with 107.5 WZKL:

"I didn't have sex with him but to be honest with you, to get a girl riled up to the point where you want to have sex, he doesn't even know how to do that.  I honestly feel like he's in the closet right now, he doesn't want to come out…He's lame, he's not all that. Ladies he's not all that…He doesn't even know what he's doing. He's like a dead fish. He just sits there…You never know these days. More power to him if he's gay."

Or, maybe he just isn't that into you.

Vanity Fair's George Wayne Asks 'The Situation' if Rumors About His Awful 'Cock Breath' are True [tr]


  1. Tyler says

    I love it when a dumb woman assumes that when a guy actually doesn’t want to have sex with her then he might be gay. No my dear, he just has some taste.

  2. Thom says

    I great really strong gay vibes from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hooks up with women as a confidence and masculinity booster. He comes of kind of feminine, his whole “situation” comes off as an act.

  3. JTlvr says

    @Thom: I totally agree. I get big gay vibes from him. I know “The Situation” is a big macho act, but when he’s drunk he’s all lady. I would not be surprised if he has hooked up with guys when drunk. Being in a frat in college, I know plenty of that type (myself, at the time, included).

  4. says

    @TANK, it’s not necessarily that being gay is “kind of feminine” or “all lady.” It’s that being kind of feminine when drunk (and your inhibitions are down) are red flags that question your sexuality. Don’t be so sensitive. Just because ALL gay men aren’t swishy doesn’t take away from the fact that A LOT of gay men are.

  5. JTlvr says

    @Tank. Jeesus Christ is joking language. Gay lingo… every heard of it. I’m a mature enough gay man to accept and know that sexuality comes in many different forms.

  6. rhydderch says

    @RafiD’Angelo: I can’t speak for Tank but he does raise a very good point. It really speaks to the entire “straight acting mentality. There are times when “the situation” tosses that false bravado and he get a peak at his true personality. Perhaps its our own internalized homophobia at work. Its a real shame that men like the situation have to put on such a machismo act to be considered a man, because obviously as soon as a man displays sensitivity, there’s gonna be someone like JTLVR calling him a lady.

  7. Tom says

    I actually respect Angelina more than the others, for the simple fact that she doesn’t get along with the rest of the cast. I never thought Mike was gay, just a drama queen. A lot of women like men who act like a gay stereotype.

  8. B- says

    Well in 3 seasons of the show, he’s barely hooked up with women. Sure he dances with a lot of them. He drinks with a lot of them. And sometimes he makes out with them. But comparing to how many women Pauly and Vinny have brought home, he can’t even compete.

    He gets a reputation for being some sort of womanizer, but I think that comes from people who don’t watch the show.

    He also loves to gossip. But it’s not feminine. He does it in a funny way. He cock blocks on his bros sometimes. And wasn’t the girl he did bring home one episode when they were in Miami turn out to be a Transsexual?

    I like Sitch though. He’s a funny guy. Without him meddling each episode the show would suck.

  9. Toto says

    I understood the initial appeal of these morons; you can’t help but look at a watch accident. I have never gotten his physical appeal though. His abs look like hemorrhoids and his face looks like the result joe pesci and robert de niro making sweet, unholy love then taking turns beating their child.

  10. FunMe says

    This post came in handy. I was just watching the entertainment show EXTRA, and he was being interviewed. He said “winning” as they were making fun of Charlie. And I thought to myself, that guy sounds gay. I don’t watch the show, but I must say what I saw also looked gay!

  11. Francis says

    I don’t think she was being homophobic, I think she’s bitter because he rejected her, and I guess in her eyes he’s gay because of that. Quite a lot of girls think that way, a product of being spoon fed their entire lives. Given the girls who have come out with their sexual experiences with Mike, I don’t think he’s gay, and I get absolutely no gay vibe from him. He’s just obnoxious, but he’s a little funny too. Sure better than Angelina.

  12. Banksy says

    I don’t think I would place all my chips on Angelina’s word, but does anyone remember the Jersey Shore Miami episode when Mike was about to hook up with a tranny? Too funny!

    Mike’s not bad, but Pauly D is the one for me!

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