1. Leo says


    I’m not even remotely a casual fan either (I see the talent, but can’t stand the pretense, and she’s had eye-roll moments, like connecting her meat dress to DADT) but she’s doing what a lot of artists have done recently, which is connect to fans with a question session. Calm down.

  2. FunMe says

    Love her or hate her, she sure is taking advantage of all the communication medium to connect to her fans. Facebook, Twitter, video messages to her fans, etc.

    She’s definitely the star of the new generation.

    She has plenty of fans to keep her going for a very long time.

  3. Reality says

    She has alot of fans to keep her going? Not with this overexposure, and lack of what is important……..real music. Boy George experienced the fickleness of teenage girls very fast, and he was quite a competent pop songwriter, or at least he was when he was at the height of his fame. “Time won’t give me time, but time makes lovers feel like they got something real……but you and me we know they got nothing but time”…..and I bet people of all ages that heard that song can pick up where I left off. It also was a totally gay song and he didn’t have to make that explicit in the lyrics, because you just knew. He didn’t write Public Service Announcement songs that include every group possible in a sad effort to portray yourself as something you will never be. I can’t think of anything by this girl, and I have actually watched the videos of a few of her songs stone cold sober. The only thing I can remember is stuttered words. Maybe they sound nice drunk in a club, but well, there are a thousand girls to take her place. Also, I certainly will embrace one who does not annoint herself as a “gay” icon (how can she say she has never loved a woman and speak for me? Just bad manners cloaked in sequins.)

    She is not the “star” of a new generation. There are no stars of this generation who will have any longevity. Sorry. She is a promotional campaign that will ultimately sag as badly as that Kardashian girl’s backside……..but she was funny and cheesy while she lasted. I guess you have to laugh.

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