Michele Bachmann Misfires During Speech In NH

GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and 2012 hopeful made her first trip to New Hampshire and couldn't get some basic history quite right.

Bachmann told a crowd of supporters: "What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love for liberty. You're the state where the shot was heard around the world at Lexington and Concord."

Thing is, The Battle of Lexington and Concord occured in Massachusetts not the Granite State.

Bachmann acknowleded her mistake on Facebook but still sucked up to voters New Hampshire: "So I misplaced the battles Concord and Lexington by saying they were in New Hampshire. It was my mistake, Massachusetts is where they happened. New Hampshire is where they are still proud of it!"

WMUR has video of the flub.


  1. Gregoire says

    Not the even the United States is dumb enough to elect this fool. By making the prior statement, I’m assuming that George W Bush is actually smarter than her.

  2. JDB says

    Someone tell Stepford they’re missing an inmate… I mean wife!

    Seriously though, she is *not* representative of Minnesota. I’m at a loss as to why she keeps getting re-elected.

  3. walter says

    if this the future of the repuks they should start looking to extinction. the tea party proves you don’t have to smart to run for office. if michelle doesn’t get reelected she could always work for faux news channel right along with sarah palin. picture that newscast.

  4. BobN says

    If the Soviet Union hadn’t collapsed and made red a color available to non-commies, women like Bachmann and Palin would be stuck wearing green and blue and yellow and would lose a lot of their appeal…

  5. says

    It’s really sad to watch the corporate media and all it’s feeble minded sheeple echo the trivial misinformation to the brainless idiots that eat it up like hungry vultures and then dance around pointing fingers and singing nanny-nanny-boo-boo! LMAO Losers!

  6. Joe in CT says

    Can’t this poor, misinformed woman hire a good nanny minder to keep her out of trouble? If I could hold my nose, I might apply for the job. Not!

  7. PH says

    @ Pat: Absolutely you have a responsibility to support Obama. He has more integrity than any U.S. president has ever possessed. In the first half of his first term, he accomplished over 85% of what he said he would accomplish. He stands for freedom, intelligence, knowledge, equality, and truth. (Is that threatening to you?) He is the reason I as a Canadian can once again stand the United States. He honestly provides and represents hope. You are so fortunate.

  8. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    “Elitist” is what GOPers call the left in a lame attempt to cover up their SHEER LACK OF BASIC EDUCATION.

    GTFO! Dummies!

  9. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    “Elitist” is what GOPers call the left in a lame attempt to cover up their SHEER LACK OF BASIC EDUCATION.

    GTFO! Dummies!

  10. Esurb says

    I wish someone would go into her district and report/describe the friggin’ idiots who elect this woman and subject us to her aggressive stupidity. Do they manufacture anything I’m buying and could do without?

  11. FPR says

    Was she homeskooled?

    I strongly disagree with people who seem to imply that Michele Bachmann’s statements shouldn’t be reported or publicized. She is a powerful person, and she has a long, long history of homophobia. I say: Shine a bright light on every idiotic thing she says. These gems are well worth covering here and elsewhere.

    Like the Westboro Baptist Church, she is dialectically helpful in effecting favorable cultural shifts.

    Her slam at the state of Massachusetts when she should have given an undiluted apology — I mean, that’s extraordinary. She is low on all of humility, tact, and fluency on American history. **She is the face of social-religious conservatism in America today, and let’s let no one forget that.**

  12. New Englander says

    ….and they take themselves so seriously!

    I laughed out loud with disbelief when I heard her remarks. And then the apology! I wish I had heard that live.

    So funny, and scary. Living proof how the US school system has failed.

  13. Michael in Toronto says

    Instruct this poor Canadian: how is it she’s an elected official?
    And how is it that her popularity with the GOP is way up?
    I don’t understand!

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