1. Wicked1 says

    I thought it was already established that she was Bi, at the least? I mean, as many vids/pics of her making out with women, and the girlfriends (Kristiana Loken), and her never showing up anywhere with a dude, I think its pretty clear. I personally think she is a lesbian, but I’m not into dragging people out of the closet, so whatever. The only problem I have with celebs fiercely complaining that they aren’t gay, over and over, is that it gives the impression that something would be wrong/bad if they were.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    “Any rumors you’d like to clear up?”

    “Yeah, that Michi is a class-act”

    Clearly, she is not.

  3. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    @Wicked1: Seriously! It’s fine to dispel a rumor but it would really thoughtful and socially conscious of them to add something like, “Which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Gays deserve full civil rights just like everyone else in our society!”

    Anyway…she def sets off my gaydar. But only for stereotypical reasons:

    –Her gruff, raspy voice.
    –In pretty much every movie I’ve seen her in, she plays some rough-and-tumble army-geared-up woman (i.e., tomboy).

  4. GregV says

    “I thought it was already established that she was Bi, at the least.”

    She could be. Just because someone is NOT a strict vagetarian doesn’t imply she ONLY likes meat.

  5. Sean Mac says

    I’ve got a mashup of the Chris Kattan-as-Anne Heche SNL skit and the Kristanna Loken interview in my head now. “I’m not gay gay; I’m *Kristanna* gay”. But whatever 😉

  6. ohplease says

    “I personally think she is a lesbian, but I’m not into dragging people out of the closet, so whatever.” I have no idea what this means. You’re not entitled to your opinion? Your opinion is definitive reality? By voicing your opinion you’re doing something wrong to Michelle Rodriguez?

    I know it can’t be that last part, because then you’d be saying that being gay is so awful that you can’t even say you think someone else is gay. That would be pretty awful to think that. Being gay’s great, by the way. It’s really one of the best compliments you can pay someone.

    Go easy on yourself. You’re not God. You can actually talk about someone being obviously gay and the world won’t come to an end.

    And, of course, Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian. Apparently, she’s getting some rotten career advice. Too bad for her.

  7. says

    I actually thought she had come out as a lesbian or bi back when ‘The Fast and the Furious’ first hit theaters. I was even pretty sure she had a GF. I guess that was a rumor and/or publicity stunt.

  8. Erik says

    Yeah, this is kinda disappointing as I saw first-hand a very public fight she got into with her girlfriend last year at a party at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Unless she’s trying to be coy and avoid saying directly that she’s bi, she’s doing a disservice to herself and anyone else on the fence about coming out.

  9. GregV says

    She has said that she’s not a comedian like Ellen Degeneres and that she thinks being known as gay in her industry would hurt her career opportunities.
    Kristanna Loken answered questions about whether she had been sexually involved with Rodriguez in 2005 by saying, “There is the $64,000 question. Um…I don’t even know how to answer that.”

    I don’t know why anyone would jump to any conclusions. I mean, if someone says she’s not gay, that doesn’t mean she’s not bi. If she says she’s not straight, that doesn’t mean she is gay. If she says she’s into men, that doesn’t mean she’s not into women. And if she says she’s not sure how to answer whether she had a relationship with a particular person, that doesn’t mean that she did (or didn’t).

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    W.O.W…. she was so damn QUICK to spew that she wasn’t a lesbian, it made my whole head spin! Thanks for clearing that up, Michelle. We wouldn’t want such a HORRID lable to be placed on you.


  11. dms says

    For a lot of people being gay is not easy to accept. Who knows if she’s gay or not. Who knows if her bravado about liking sausage is an act. Don’t assume that her personal life is as simple as you want it to be. Having worked in Hollywood (behind the scenes) for a long, long time, I know lots of actors and others who seem gay but live straight lives and others who live on the fence. Not only are there social and professional decisions to weigh, but some people lie in the middle of the extremes of being gay or straight. Just take her at her word, appreciate her work (or not) and forget about her personal life.

  12. D. says

    What she’s basically saying is “I’m not one of those nasty, man hating lesbians”

    I’d respect someone who said they don’t want to talk about their personal life, but I find answers like this one offensive.

  13. Randy says

    I like sausage too.

    New Rule: All new coming-out should be done quick and dirty like this.

  14. pigboye says

    She’s a lesbian. Everyone in Hollywood who has dealt with her knows she’s a lesbian. Why she thinks this story will fly is beyond me.

  15. Your Mom says

    Hey, if you want to place your “career” before your ability to live life honestly and with integrity, then so be it. You’re an actor. You’re paid to pretend. How unfortunate to blur fantasy with reality. Have another drink, Michi. Not being true to yourself is the reason for your alcoholism.

  16. EM says

    While I agree with DMS I also agree with Mom above. I do think a lot of people are too quick to ‘clear things up’ basically for the sake of studio execs who they hope will hire them and make them a star. A lot of these people are trying to ladder climb and they know being openly honest about their personal lives can lead to some fat suit turning them down for roles.

    But the way she goes about it is just silly. And kind of embarrassing. For her.

  17. benny lava says

    I love how all of a the lesbians on this site are all frustrated like they have a shot with Michelle F’N Rodriguez… If she does go for chicks its obvious to me that its on the “girls gone wild” level of bi-sexin and not lets move to Vermont and get married level.

  18. april says

    Everyone just needs to back off.If it was not.for her or.any other actress or actor you wouldn’t have nothing….its know ones business…

  19. Nan says

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you like it when someone calls you a liar? If she says she’s not a lesbian, THEN SHE’S NOT. Leave it be.

  20. Layla says

    Ok maybe its just me but isn’t someone’s personal life suppose to be jus that, PERSONAL… Its nobody business… How would any of you people like your personal life questioned… You people really need to get a life and mind your own business… We dont need to know her sexual preference to like her as an actress… Wow you people are judging her while you probably don’t even look in the mirror first and judge yourselves… But you’ll judge her… Wow… All i know is she a great actress and thats all i need to know…

  21. Sophie says

    “Michi likes sausage” Yeah, people don’t say that. She’s bisexual at the least. She has already claimed to have slept with women before. I must admit that this just might be me wishful-thinking… she is so damn fine when she dresses up all tomboyish… just sayin’

  22. Ronik says

    This has got to be the dumbest conversation in the world history of dumbest conversations. She said she’s not gay. So what, you’re going to make her gay? For what reason? To satisfy your fantasies…or to assuage your own insecurities (most probably the latter)? If she is, then she is. And if she isn’t, then she isn’t. If you happen to care one way or the other, then you should find a better way to spend your time.

  23. truthandtonic says

    It is absolute foolishness that people are expressing feelings of angst and concern that this woman is choosing to say she isn’t gay!!! Being gay is nothing special. It’s not cool, it’s not geeky, it’s not good, it’s not bad… gay is just gay. Same as heterosexual. Gay supporters won’t to preach equal rights and acceptance, but as soon as someone straight proclaims to NOT be gay you wan’t to jump up and say “why, what’s wrong with being gay?” Well, there is a lot wrong with being gay IF YOU’RE NOT GAY!!!! I’m sure when your parents tried to convince you you were “straight and just confused” you cried foul and screamed to the heavens that they were wrong and you know your body and yada yada. The same way that made you feel is how you may make a straigt person by insisting they are gay. I think Michelle is a sexy beast… and I ain’t gay. I find the whole same sex thing unsettling at best- particularly man on man. Woman on woman can be pretty hot depending on the players. Not for religous reasons or moral reasons but just because. Because it is my right. Same as some people may view multiracial unions (which I think are beautiful), Ashton and Demi (beautiful) and 70 year olds exhibiting public displays of affection (uhhh…not so hot). But everyone has the right to an opinion. I ramble on simply to say this…POST UP. If the sexy chick says she isn’t gay, or has chosen to not be gay anymore (and yes…people are capable of making a “I’m not gay anymore” choice for themselves)- what’s it to you? How do you prosper either way? She doesn’t have to be a role model for gays or fencies or closet cases. Be your own voice! Geez

  24. Jonathan says

    She is not straight for christ’s sake. She has openly stated she he had girlfriends. She is a switch hitter. For god’s sake just google her name followed by girlfriend.