News: The Sun, Gareth Thomas, The Great Gatsby, Alex O’Loughlin

Road NYC's Roseland Ballroom burns.

RoadRepublican senator cast key vote for Colorado civil union bill.

Sun RoadMind-boggling shot of the Sun.

RoadWhite House party crasher Salahi kicked off Celebrity Rehab for having no addiction.

RoadArchdiocese of Philadelphia suspends 21 priests over accusations of sexual misconduct with minors.

RoadSF Dyke March out of money: "Putting on the march and its accompanying rally could require up to $30,000 this year, Dyke March Committee members said. A decrease in grant funding and an increase in costs means that if a third of that amount isn't raised by the beginning of April, the event could be scaled back."

RoadIt's the economy, stupid: Obama sees opening in GOP social split.

RoadBoys in the Band documentary premieres in Manhattan: "If you think how a movie like 'Animal House' changed comedy or 'Bonnie and Clyde' changed the way we looked at violence or 'Coming Home' changed how we looked at Vietnam, 'The Boys in the Band' changed how we looked at homosexuals."

RoadChelsea Handler: "I'm not a full-time homosexual, but I do party like one."

Gatsby RoadCrumbling Long Island mansion that served as inspiration for The Great Gatsby is to be leveled.

RoadThe military has found a new way to humiliate Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning: "Owing to the caprices of Quantico Chief Warrant Officer Denise Barnes, Manning is now being made to sleep naked and, in the morning, to stand naked for morning roll call. This, according to Marine Corps spokesperson Brian Villiard, is for Manning's own protection."

RoadWingnut Matt Barber: Dan Savage is the gay Fred Phelps.

RoadMickey Rourke working on Welsh accent for Gareth Thomas biopic: “I’ve really started to try to listen to the London accent and the Welsh one. But everybody that moves to London from Wales tries to hide their Welsh accent with a posh London accent, so I’m getting no help in London.”

RoadChristian Louboutin working on shoe inspired by Gareth Thomas….

RoadChad White gets pumped for Details.

Sardines RoadIn Redondo Beach they're packed in like sardines — literally.

RoadAlex O'Loughlin strips down for GQ Australia.

RoadAuthor Jodi Picoult's son comes out to her during writing of novel about gay rights: "I knew Kyle was gay. I knew when he was 3 that he was gay. But I felt great that he felt comfortable enough with us to come to that conclusion while still in high school and to share it with us."

RoadSarah McLachlan: Lilith Fair is over.

RoadKelly Osbourne wants a baby with her gay BFF: "I’m fed up with straight men – I’d love a baby with my gay best friend Nate. We’d be the perfect parents and my mum would love it!”

RoadSt. Maarten pastors wants dress codes and code of conduct for visitors arriving on gay cruises: "Pastor Wycliffe Smith, who headed the delegation, said the group was guided by the word of God and had not been politically motivated or manipulated by anyone to champion these issues. He said the churches were following the rule of God by loving the sinner, but hating the sin. 'We are not saying it is right to do it hidden or in the closet,' he said. Smith said homosexuals were coming to the island every day via the airport and the harbour and there also were many who live here. His contention is that these people should not impose their way of life and should curb public displays of affection. 'As a Christian nation, we love you [homosexuals], but we don't love your lifestyle,' he said.


  1. Paul R says

    I have no idea why I clicked on the Salahi link, but this quotation is priceless: “Yes, this bleached pony’s ass takes her Multiple Sclerosis so seriously that she’s seeking treatment for it from a doctor who has never treated Multiple Sclerosis before. It’s like asking your court-appointed therapist to take a look at the warts on your urethra.”

    On another note, I’m with Kile (above)—the links never open in a new window, and Towleroad can take a while to load. It can be frustrating.

  2. reality 101 says

    Hey St. Marten — the “love” is returned.

    But my money will stay far away from these islands storefront evangelism has ruined.

    Bahamas and Jamaica and Aruba included.
    Pretty islands full of reproducing stupid people are not attractive.

  3. Bob R says

    Love the “Boys in the Band”, the play. the stage play and the movie. I was overjoyed when it was finally released on DVD as my VHS edition was showing wear. Coming of age during those years, I knew many characters just like they were portrayed in the play. It’s still one of my favorites and I would love to see “The Making Of”.

    As for the inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning. In today’s America and the Obama administration, commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity go un-investigated, uncharged and un-prosecuted; whereas, revealing the commission of war crimes results in arrest, solitary confinement and torture. We are no better than those beasts we condemned at Nuremberg. What kind of people have we become? In this instance and others, Obama is no better than Bush. Perhaps even worse, because he DOES know better, but turns a blind eye to the crimes.

  4. mike/ says

    “His contention is that these people should not impose their way of life….”

    my contention is that this ‘holy man’ should not IMPOSE his way of life on me or anyone else…

  5. Paul R says

    Per usual, a pastor’s comments hardly make sense. He says he doesn’t want gays to be hidden, but he doesn’t want PDAs. As far an antigay comments from religious figures go, this one is pretty tame. Just stupider than most.

    I’m really sick of religion.

  6. patrick nyc says

    The Salahis have an addiction, it’s fame. Lucky for them the show’s producers have done them a great service sending them on the road to recovery, by not having them on the show.

  7. Runt says

    Wow, this Manning thing is getting confusing! First, you reported that he was being psychologically destroyed and tormented because he was in solitary confinement. Now you report that there’s no reason he should be on suicide watch. Wait, what? He is, or he isn’t, suffering psychologically?

    Now, he’s being humiliated by sleeping naked. Like 1/3 of men do every night, of their own volition. Oh, god, the shame! The torment!

    You make a mockery of real suffering when you report bs like this.

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