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    not to change the subject

    We are now at war

    The Un has voted (including russia, china, the arab league, etc) No fly zone over Lybia and french, german, british, saudi, us, etc planes will fire on lybian troops that are moving towards benghazi

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    No offence, but these scenes are getting redundant, and sensationalistic. I feel for the people of Japan, but I am getting tired of seeing these tsunami video’s over and over and over again. I think most of us understand the destruction and the loss of life, but the continuation of these video’s is edging toward sensationalist journalism.

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    PS forgot this bit

    10-0 UN vote

    arab league vote was 9-2

    quadafi is world enemy #1

  4. Aquaman says

    Wow, that was an amazing thing to see. What a powerful, unstoppable force… I’m terribly saddened for the people of Japan.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @mstrozfckslv – What do you mean by “We are now at war?” How would you describe most of the last decade? Peace?

  6. Brian in Texas says


    Russia and China abstained. They generally don’t believe in intervening in other countries. Which isn’t surprising given their record on human rights, free press, and liberties.

  7. BobN says

    “All I kept thinking of was where are the people?”

    The main reason you don’t see many people in these videos is that many people weren’t home at that hour and many of those who were escaped to higher ground. Unfortunately, another reason is that a lot of people were indoors, unable to leave, especially the elderly.

  8. sparks says

    CB if you don’t want to watch these videos, don’t click to view the topic. This thread was clearly labeled “WATCH: Tsunami..” — what the hell did you think it was?

    These videos are good reminders of: 1) how great the loss of life and living environment can be for those affected, 2) how great the need for help is, 3) how important it is to double check what your insurance covers if you’re living on a coast!

    With such vast and immediate global coverage of practically all catastrophic events, videos like these can keep us from becoming desensitized to the words.

  9. Beef and Fur says

    I watched this and was irritated that some idiot kept superimposing an arrow on various scenes. I’m thinking what are they pointing out? Bodies? I was upset by this. Then I realized that I left my cursor on the center of the playback screen. It’s been a long day. As much as I watch these videos I will never understand the power of this event. It’s beyond comprehension.

  10. Mary says

    As a geologist, I thank the people who were able to produce these videos. I wondered how they were able to keep the camera from shaking from fear; especially after the building next to theirs floated away.

  11. Mary says

    Look at gray building (top center)with the people on top at 0:39 . Now go to 2:12. We are but a speck in the universe. Very sad.

  12. James says

    Looking at this you do ask, where are the people? In the cars, in the water, in the buildings floating by. There simply wasnt time for many even with warnings an in some cases with only one or two exit points from some towns, they simply had no hope of escape once people an their cars jammed the roadways.

  13. Name: says

    Whats up with the ever increasing pop up ads all over this site. Its getting to be a little much.

  14. Paul R says

    If I were viewing such an event, the thought of filming it would be very far down on my list of likely responses—especially when the building next door came undone.

  15. Alex says

    Some of the people leaving comments here are simply disgusting human beings. Sorry if you believe these scenes are redundant and sensationalistic. Hit the off button on your computer, you ignorant moron, and say a few prayers for the people and animals in Japan.

  16. freddie says

    Actually CB and others, I’m with you on this. Knowing that there are people on and in these buildings makes these videos snuff films. Disaster porn. I don’t watch them.