1. Jay says

    This is just great. The reason I went to Nursing school was so that I can go to SoCal and live there (from Ohio). I have one more year left. So excited to go, and this is what I get???? Seriously!? By the time I’ll be able to move there, the beaches are probably off limits due to high radioactive waters! FML. ugh. hmm I guess bad things come for those who wait. :/

  2. says


    No, the beaches of SoCal will not be closed to being radioactive

    More likely due to human sewage which often does close SoCal beaches

    The worse is Imperial beach SD and u need to make sure you have your shots before entering the water on days you are allowed to enter the water

  3. ratbastard says

    The japan EQ, tsunami, nuke accident is just latest 24/7 media bread&circus. It’s already getting old. What happened to the Mideast ‘Crisis’? Libya, Egypt, etc., have suddenly dropped off the radar screen. What happened to the financial collapse, the trillions stolen, the economic crisis? Has it ended? No, not at all. The too big to fail banks and financial institutions are consolidating their power and are even more powerful and influential than ever before. Where’s the reform? Where’s the criminal prosecution? Oh, I forgot, only one ‘Crisis’ at a time, and that’s all old news now.

  4. Randy says

    @Ratbastard: More importantly, what happened to Charlie Sheen?

    Great, for my birthday, I’m getting a dose of radiation from Japan. Happy Birthday to me.

  5. rafi says

    Aw, Jay and Randy, that sucks! Thousands died and are still dying from the initial earthquake, devastating tsunami floods, and series of meltdowns. Meanwhile the survivors come home to find their families and homes wiped out and will soon have to face a plummeting economy. And to top it all off, now the beaches might be closed! You two must be the unluckiest guys in the world.

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