Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to Establish ‘Special Rapporteur’ for LGBT Human Rights at OAS

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff and President Obama have released a joint statement detailing ongoing commitments between Brazil and the United States.

Obama_rousseff Under a section labeled "Democracy, Human Rights, Racial Equality and Social Inclusion," the leaders recognize the need to promote respect for the human rights of LGBT people, and made note of plans to establish a "special rapporteur" to that end at the Organization of American States (OAS).

Here's the section, from the statement provided to us by the White House:

"They agreed to cooperate in advancing democracy, human rights and freedom for all people bilaterally and through the United Nations and other multilateral fora, including ensuring respect for human rights in the context of the democratic movements and transitions; strengthening the UN Human Rights Council as recently demonstrated in the case of the creation of the Commission of Inquiry on Libya; promoting respect for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals through the establishment of a Special Rapporteur at the OAS; and improving the conduct of free and fair elections regionally and globally, including through the promotion of human rights in the context of elections and increasing their accessibility to disabled persons."

No additional details were immediately available.


  1. steve talbert says

    Great news,,, although I have become somewhat cynical about the Obama administration after all the Bush policies have been extended and in some cases increased… I wonder if this is a why to get on Glenn Greenwald’s good side so he will ease up on exposing the horrible things the US is doing to Bradley Manning, a true gay hero?

  2. Some Yank in Rio says

    There’s a real easy way to see this play out. As an American expat my permanant residency here in Brazil was allowed because I married a Brazilian. No one questioned or seemed to care that we got our marriage license because my bf And I just happened to be in San Francisco during that brief window when two guys were allowed to be married.

    If Obama’s serious about having a “Special Rapporteur” I volunteer for the job and here’s my first recommendation: follow the lead of a country that overwhelmingly identifies as Catholic and give same sex partners the same rights of residency that opposite sex ones get.

    It’s depressing to know that, if we decided to move back to the states, I could not get legal status for my husband the same way he got it for me.

  3. ratbastard says

    “special rapporteur” … LOL(!) Classic!

    Wek, President Rousseff was a ‘Radical’ Marxist of some such BS, so I suppose she has to through the left in Brazil a few inconsequential bones. Ditto Obama and the American left.

  4. Jane Roe says

    god, the conservofag ratbastard is at it again. shouldn’t you be fapping to limbaugh’s show now?