1. Francis says

    Such a senseless tragedy. It’s still weird to me, though, that these thugs seemingly intentionally targeted this one kid and his friend. And when they ran the victim was caught and beaten. Why did they target those 2 kids solely? Anyway, it doesn’t matter ultimately, 6 lives (the victim and the 5 suspects) are changed forever for absolutely no reason. This type of gang-related violence is such a major issue that isn’t getting anywhere near the reporting needed to highlight the problem.

  2. says

    I totally agree with Francis above, but I think it was noted in the other post that this whole situation does not exactly seem on the up and up. A party in an abandoned house? All of whom seem to be under 21? With a “public” invite on Facebook??

    Seems like a given that it would go badly. Sad, still, but it kinda begs some common sense and judgment from all attendees and organizers.

    Or maybe I’m just a fogie. . .

  3. Rowan says

    Francis I’ve been in situations and equally seen so many where just the way you look, a pack can turn on you.

    As a visible black person as I young kid, I’ve been in situations that could’ve turned ugly, simply because someone was egging to fight the person that stood up but you try and keep your head down. Its always there.

    This kid looks like a good kid, who wore glasses=gay, was going to university and whose helped his parents on their store so was not only a good family kid but also worked a job. All this = the enemy.

    What is he a fag? Why isn’t he in a gang? He go to school? Does faggy four eyes think he’s better the us then?

    You get the picture and then you get the attack. These kids won’t feel guilty because for them, the kid deserved for trying to get out of the ghetto. This is what these places are like man, the ghetto is hell, why? Because of the people in it. Crabs in a barrel.

    Again, what are these equality groups actually doing towards outreach? I know for a fact looking at some annual returns that some of the ethnic minority groups are actually sought to give money to, so they can help with reaching out to their neighborhoods regarding gay rights.

  4. Francis says

    Rowan, I agree with you. I’ve felt that feeling, where you just try to keep your head down and avoid problems, but someone is just looking to cause them. And I definitely agree with the attitude some people in the ghetto have towards those who aren’t hood, or who try to get out of the hood. It’s like a violation of the ghetto code in their eyes. Like you are a b**ch if you don’t act thuggy and hyper-masculine. It’s so ridiculously sad, and as you said, it’s about outreach, and I don’t think a good enough job has been done in these neighborhoods, with these individuals. Now we see two more stories of hate crimes against gay men, and the attackers have the same profile, thugged out, late at night, looking to pick fights. When you hear hate crimes happening, and it’s generally the same people doing the same types of crimes, one would think you would focus on that area of concern and fix it, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening nearly enough, and it’s costing us as a community dearly.

  5. jaragon says

    Sad, tragic and disturbing but I also think that going to some crazy party at an abandoned house is not exactly the smartest choice( unless there is more to this story that we have not heard yet)