Rep. Eric Cantor Says GOP Will Decide By End of Week How Not to Focus on Jobs and Instead Focus on DOMA

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) warns that the DOMA wrath is coming:

Cantor With Republicans upset at the Obama administration’s abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act, Representative Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican and majority leader, said on Monday that House Republicans would decide by the end of the week how to take action to make certain the law is defended against legal challenges.

Mr. Cantor said he agreed with Speaker John A. Boehner that the House should step in and suggested that most members of the House find it disappointing that the White House has decided unilaterally not to defend a duly passed law.

What might happen?

Among those options is House appointment of a special counsel to defend the constitutionality of the law that the administration has decided is discriminatory.

The decision to take on the marriage law could be politically sensitive for the new Republican House majority. Some of their allies have urged Republicans to remain focused on the fiscal issues that helped them win their majority last November and stay out of the fights over social issues that can drive off independent voters.

In an interview with CBN earlier this week, Boehner suggested that the House would defend the constitutionality of DOMA.


  1. Francis says

    It’s at this point a complete joke how conservatives have pretty much made “gay” one of their big agenda items if not their biggest. Shows how obsessed they are with us, and also how desperate they are to appear “conservative enough”. But even more than that, it shows me that we’re winning and they know it.

  2. Mike C. says

    Where are all the gays right now who urged us not to vote democrat, saying that republicans and democrats are the same thing? You disgust me more than the republicans.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    Well this should be fun to watch…

    Let’s hear from all the Tea Baggers that insisted they were about fiscal conservatism, not social issues. Don’t be afraid to raise your voices, folks.

    Increasingly, they’re all looking like Segregationists; backward & full of prejudice.

  4. More hackery? says

    Could you spare us the “… not focus on jobs” meme? If it’s deployed only in one direction it is not a critique — because you don’t care about focusing on jobs per se — it’s just hackery. Do you object that Maryland is focusing on same-sex marriage instead of jobs? No. Hawaii and civil unions? No. Hence it must be concluded that you don’t care at all about “focus on jobs” instead of social issues; rather, you just object to the House defending DOMA. Fair enough, but spare us the knee-jerk, transparent hackery.

  5. Keith says

    Folks, this IS good news. Right now, the Republicans are caught between a rock and a hard place. So far, they’ve focused their efforts on Abortion and it looks like now marriage equality.

    The upper brass DOES NOT want them to be spending time on these hot button social issues because they know they’ll need the independent vote come 2012. No matter what you think about Obama’s reasoning behind the decision, it was a brilliant move that forces the otherside to show their true colors.

    Let’s face it, with a large constituent that’s steeped in the almighty and another that only cares about fiscal issues and at a time of high unemployment, they’re going to lose those votes they’ll need to succeed. In short, they just can’t help themselves.

    I’ll predict that Obama’s next brilliant move will be to end the war in Afghanistan and bring the troops home. With recent statements by Sec. Gates condemning the war, the pulling out of areas in Afghanistan previously designated as “must win” and our very own ally Pakistan becoming increasingly difficult to control, this would all but secure his win in 2012. You heard it hear first!

  6. Chadd says

    Remember in the words of GOProud and even LCR, the Republican Party is our Friend!!

    When the Obama Administration first made the announcement that they would not defend that particular section of DOMA, there were a lot of commentators that said it seemed completely random and that it was a strange time to do this. However, now it seems to me like Obama is a complete political genius and actually scored a double win. First, he makes his LGBT constituents happy by throwing us a bone on DOMA and secondly, he gets the new Repugnant House completely off focus and distracted from what they were elected to do, namely repeal the Health Care program, cut taxes and government spending and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

    Further, in defending that particular section of DOMA, the GOP is arguing against States rights (in that the Federal Govt refuses to recognize State marriages) and the GOP is very fond of States rights. There is no way that the Rep House can defend DOMA without the appearance of being discriminatory and prejudice.

    Good for Obama for playing the game so well. Let’s just hope that at the end of the day, DOMA actually goes away.

  7. Chadd says


    The Republicans won the last election with their commitment to “focus on jobs”. When they do something that takes even a small fraction of focus off of what they promised to focus on, it is fair to call them on it. The legislatures in Maryland and Hawaii did not win their last elections with the promise to only focus on jobs and the economy. The House Republicans did.

  8. says

    Repubs are not concerned about jobs, fiscal responsibility, or the deficit

    If they ever were they would not have wasted trillions on Iraq and afganistan

    TRILLIONS! The deficit didn’t matter 1 bit when they controlled all 3 branches of government

    @more hackery
    just because you are proven a fool for your support of the repubs does mean you have to attack andy or his site


    boehner lied promising jobs and instead with the so-called budget cuts repubs have proposed = 2 independent studies report that 700,000 jobs will be lost

    let the repubs bring on the culture war, all polls are swinging Obama and dem way for 2012

  9. Ty says

    More Hackery what are you smoking? Focus on jobs means stop the tax breaks for off shoring, and get back to work instead of posturing with an issue that has been deemed unconstitutional by the courts. it’s called deflecting, and we are tired of it.

  10. CoMo'mo says

    I watch the news from Iowa, where the TP Bedbuggers (I call them that because news of the Tea Party and the bedbug infestation emerged around the same time) in the General Assembly have squandered time, money and effort to focus on gay issues instead of the state’s economic problems. Comments in Iowa papers are running on the critical side, even self-identified Republican conservatives are disgusted, vowing to rid themselves of the Theocrats and loons in 2012. If the rot spreads to the Congress, let’s focus on the betrayal of conservative principles and the hijacking by extremists who may burn themselves out, given enough hot air to fan the fires of their perverse passions.

  11. Paul says

    More Hackery – Republicans made promises to ‘laser focus on jobs’ . They then to had the nerve to criticize Obama for not focusing on jobs because he tackled Doma. Obama has consistently proven he can multi task. Unlike Republiccans who can only focus on gay marriage and what women do with their uteruses. They are obsessing over Abortion and gay marriage, and taking away women’s reproductive rights (that were kind of settled…oh about 30 years ago)You don’t have a leg to stand on. Hawaii and Maryland are you kidding me with this ? Your arguments are invalid. Try better next time.

  12. says

    “Could you spare us the ‘… not focus on jobs’ meme?”

    No, we cannot spare you that, @Hackery. Spare us the knee-jerk Republican coddling.

    It was the Republicans/Teabaggers and their delusional gay supporters who insisted that conservatives are all about small government and fiscal responsibility, that social issues are so not their priority. It was the LCR/GOProud boys and girls and assorted TR trolls who insisted there is absolutely no difference between the Repub’s and Dem’s on gay rights, that Obama’s position on marriage is no different than John McCain’s etc. etc. Pointing out the true virulently homophobic Republican strategy around the US right now, and how they want not only to stop progress on gay rights but to set us back years, is simply to live in the real world and recognize it as such.

    And of course we don’t object to Democrats leading the way forward on gay rights in several states. They never insisted that civil rights aren’t on the table, and they never promised to focus solely on fiscal issues because, surprise, some Democrats actually believe in civil rights for all.

  13. jamal49 says

    @MORE HACKERY? Put a plug in it. What the whiny-cons seem not to understand is that the Obama Justice Dept. has said it will not defend against any challenges to DOMA regarding one particular clause in the entire Act. The Obama Justice Dept. WILL continue to enforce DOMA since it is written law. It simply will not defend DOMA because it is discriminatory. “Not enforce” and “not defend” are two different things.

    I welcome the republicons’ efforts to unilaterally defend DOMA. DOMA defense is costly. The question is: where will the money come from?

  14. MDK says

    2 things:

    1) Folks, don’t feed the troll. Just ignore him/her.

    2) Obama is one heck of a great strategist. The man knows how to play the game, and that’s something democrats have needed for a long time.

  15. BC says

    DOMA is completely Unconstitutional. With that said, Obama’s “proclamation” that he will not enforce it is also unconstitutional. It is a law that is on the books, therefore it MUST be upheld by the government, until the court deems it unconstitutional.

    Secondly, here is the CONSERVATIVE view on DOMA – it is a STATE’S RIGHTS ISSUE, not a federal government issue. There are no federal laws regarding the marriage of opposite sex partners. So why do we want “special treatment” in the form of some sort of federal marriage ammendment?

    Maybe if some of you would TALK to conservatives instead of blocking your ears you would find this out. The hate spewing on this blog is ridiculous. We complain about other people spewing hate at us, but people on this blog do the same thing. Let’s talk. Not name call. Not yell.

  16. ELI says

    Well BC,
    That explains why the comservatives want a constitutional amendment to ban any state from having marriage equality.

    You cons really think you can talk out of both sides of you mouth and no one will notice. You’re really talking out of your ass and it stinks

    btw mixed race marriage is legal in every state because of federal law

  17. BC says

    @Eli – those are not true conservatives. I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth. This is my belief. I, unlike several of you, do not drink the kool-aid of one party. Jamal is correct – read what was said VERY carefully. This is all complete political posturing on both sides. Obama saw his support among the gays falling so he threw us a bone. He has no intention of really making any changes in DOMA until the election of 2012 is in full swing. And then again, like moths to a flame, the gays will run singing Obama’s praises again.

  18. kevinintexas says

    BC – Obama is STILL ENFORCING the section of DOMA which he has refused to defend. I’m so sick of conservatives distorting his action. He is not the first, nor will be be the last president to refuse to defend a law. But as long as it is on the books, he quite clearly stated that he would ENFORCE the law.

    And as ELI said, mixed-race marriage is legal in every state, as it should be, because of federal action. States can deal with the nuances of marriage, fine, but under no circumstances should any state in the union be able to discriminate against its citizens as many currently are.

    I haven’t been Obama’s biggest fan, but I welcome his recent actions on gay rights. None of the GOP frontrunners has or will do anything good for me as a gay citizen.

  19. says

    BC, all of your points are incorrect:The Obama administration is still enforcing DOMA; that’s different from the decision not to defend a portion of it in Court. Other presidents, including Republican ones, have chosen not to defend laws in Court.

    Secondly, we don’t want special treatment. We want the same civil marriage rights that straight couples have. DOMA prevents that. And it interferes with the right of states that have marriage equality to treat all married citizens of their state equally. DOMA is specially discriminatory, against us, perhaps you don’t understand that? (The anti-gay Republican majority does understand it; that’s why they wish to keep it.)

    Thirdly, while a “true conservative” may be for states rights, there are virtually no elected true conservatives in government today. Today’s conservatives are almost uniformly anti-gay. There is no defense for the actions of the Republicans who actually hold power in 2011. Some of us live in the real world, and conservatives are not our friend, and not yours either if you’re gay.

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