1. ron says

    I suspect the commenters who don’t like it aren’t from rugby playing countries and imagine the joke is about gays and therefore homophobic in some way. However, the joke is actually about the forced heterosexuality of rugby, a facade which regularly crumbles once a few drinks have been taken.

  2. RONTEX says

    Seriously, some people need to lighten up, how is this a slam to gays? They’re cute, it’s a good, funny song and I believe it’s called satire.

  3. Mirola says

    Here in Canada rugby isn’t a terribly popular game. Those who do play it do so out of love for the game. Many talented athletes are involved. A lot of these guys are maverics, confident with who they are and happy to extend that courtesy to others.
    Having fun poked at the inherent homoeroticsm of the game does not threaten them in the least.

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