1. John Patrick says

    I’m glad to see the pictures. It was cloudy here in the St. Louis area. I think I may have seen the moon at perigee 18 years ago. I guess I’ll have to wait another 18 years to see it again, though the skies have cleared today and maybe I’ll see the slightly waning moon tonight.

  2. says

    It was cloudy here last night, but I did get to see a lunar rainbow a couple of nights ago. That’s much more of a sight than a larger moon. Although, I probably did see the moon 18 years ago. I believe that was when my sister tried to freak me out about the moon was going to crash into the earth back when I was about 10.

  3. nickv says

    so, how “green” is it to allow the moon to use this much extra power just to “show off” once every 40-something years? are we no longer concerned about renewable energy? does anyone realize how much more the moon is using to increase it’s brightness? the moon’s battery is sure to die waaay faster than usual this month. mark my words: in two weeks or so, it’ll be a mere shadow of it’s “oh just look at ME!” self.

  4. says

    It was bright and full but was no where as big as it appears in these pics. I wasn’t impressed at all. These pics are far more beautiful than what I witnessed here in Myrtle Beach.

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