1. dms says

    uberlin video.

    1. is this mcdreamy? He certainly has patrick’s hair.
    2. why is his nose running?
    3. i want to see him in a dance off with thom yorke.
    4. I like that tee shirt.

  2. princely54 says

    In the REM vid, thats Aaron Johnson, who is engaged (married by now?) to the video director. He was directed by her in the movie ‘Nowhere Boy’ where he played a young John Lennon. He was also the title character in ‘Kick-Ass’.

    He’s a hot piece of ass who impregnated the director, Sam Taylor Wood, during or after the making of the Lennon movie. He’s 21 and she’s 43.

    A good actor with a promising future.

  3. Rowan says

    @ Princley54

    Hmm, he had a promising career. Not sure more girls or young women who are OBSSESSED with projecting their fantasies onto young hot actors think it’s THAT attractive for a kid to be going out with an old woman.

    And Sam Taylor Wood has a face only a mother can love is not even fun loving looking-she looks like an old hag.

    And this guy is like a teenager.


    If this was a man and a younger girl….or a man and a younger man, wow, the judgemental gays on this blog would be up in arms, even though women mature so much faster then men, so it’s even creepier he is going out with a woman who is older then his mother.

    Dodgy boy. At least he knows he can still get work through her-nice work boy!

  4. princely54 says

    @Rowan — I agree if the genders were reversed there would be some more obvious public discomfort. And not just among gay people.

    I don’t know if he’s ‘like a teenager’ as I don’t know much about him off camera. I don’t especially think its wise for most any 21 yr old to marry anyone that much older than he/she is, but guess what: there are many people who make it work. I have seen it in my life, but not a lot (gay or straight.) I think one can expect that a 21 yr old will go through some major changes by 30 and may be re-assessing things by that time.

    I believe that the girls they want to swoon about him are, at this point, clueless about his status (at least here in the states.) Of course at some point when he’s more successful here it will be all over Perez Hilton and TMZ. We’ll see how well he fares with that kind of attention.

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