Towleroad Guide to the Tube #851

UCLA: Racist student would rather the Asian students not interrupt her finals with their tsunami. The UCLA chancellor is appalled.

MATT BAUME: The spokesman has posted a new video about developments in marriage equality.

LADY GAGA: Her second surprise appearance at the week, this time at Dallas' Round Up nightclub.

CARELESS WHISPER: A shirtless mustachioed saxophonist demands that you enjoy George Michael.

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  1. Jimmy says

    The UCLA student’s comments are disgraceful. But she was clearly under a lot of stress with her exams, and was perhaps venting (albeit in a very inappropriate manner and forum). This incident will undoubtedly compromise the value of her UCLA education, and will haunt her for several years. I hope it will cause her to engage in some serious soul-searching about tolerance, respect and personal responsibility.

  2. says

    The UCLA student’s rant was so over the top that you wonder if she’s just fishing for publicity. Sean Hannity is calling her right now offering her a contract with Fox News.

  3. james in toronto says

    My favourite part of her rant is when she says “don’t take this the wrong way”. What way exactly are we supposed to take your racial slurs? And who thinks we might be witnessing the next Mrs. Donald Trump? She would a logical inclusion in his Towers.

  4. Eric says

    I work at UCLA and have to say she’s not very bright. Did she post this on the Internet without thinking her fellow classmates might not see this? We’re a pretty liberal campus, and yes, a very multinational and multicultural place. She’s going to have to face down some less than welcoming stares. And more so, as Jimmy says, her video is going to exist on the Internet for future employers to find. She’d better find some way to atone for her stupidity, otherwise this could potentially — and rightfully so — follow her for decades.

  5. NorthoftheBorder says

    great comment i was told once which has forever changed the way I speak..

    “Anything that comes before ‘but’ and after ‘because’ is Bullsh*t”

  6. Randy says

    I have no problem with the student’s comments. Obviously she was annoyed by consistently disrespectful behavior, particularly in the library. That could make a person angry, especially when it’s encoded (i.e. foreign-language) noise, instead of something that you can at least evaluate for why it’s interrupting you.

  7. JJ says

    @Randy – It doesn’t matter whether her comments are valid. She needs to realise that she cannot express them in the manner that she chose to, i.e. representing UCLA.

  8. Phil says

    Video posted by Soulbrotha: GENIUS.

    Realistically, the girl could politely go up to the individual(s) talking on their phones, and ask them to take their conversations outside. I’ve done it. It doesn’t matter if it’s foreign language or not (“to decode”, regardless that even though it’s loud, it’s none of your business); all it takes is a simple request, and if they don’t comply, talk to someone who works there.

    I think that people today rant in the public domain and not expect nor care of its ultimate consequences, especially when talking offensively of a particular set of people. Sorry, honey, you may be stressed, but learn how to curb yourself, like most smart people do.

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