Towleroad Guide to the Tube #861


FOUL PLAY: A change of direction for the Sassy Gay Friend? Not sure if I'm on board.

OBAMA: I have my own computer.

JEFF SESSIONS: Says he's "very troubled" over Defense of DOMA during questioning of Solicitor General of the United States candidate Donald Verrilli, Jr.

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  1. Keith says

    RE: Voices video. Although I realize this isn’t indicative of anything, but all the minorities were motivated by fear and the people that appear to be a non-minority were motivated by love.

  2. says

    Sassy Gay Friend sorta lost me when they started using product placement in their videos. I don’t really get why they’d try and monetize in a way that turns off their viewers and ruins the funniness.

  3. Bryant says

    Ditto on the product placement in SGF. Someone needs to find him a sassy gay friend to slap his hands the next time he decides to blatantly shill a product. As for the skit itself, the series started out as a very cute premise but it has since degenerated into a tired worn out commercial. I don’t think I will be watching anymore of them.

  4. chrissypoo says

    Its the product placement or advertising agency or pr agency or internal brand manager that should be fired over the SGF placement.

    Horribly done.

    I’m sure SGF is just doing what these people said to do. I totally get it, you need to make money. But there are actual smart ways of doing product placement on youtube videos that don’t turn off your core audience.

    Phil Defranco does a good way with his Fail Fridays. Dave Days does it well with the Pop Chips.

    I could write a case study on these product placement fails.

  5. hank says

    I don’t see what is so amusing about pushing a tired and negative stereotype about gay men anyway. Why not just dress in full drag and be done with it, that’s what the public wants to see.

  6. Critifur says

    I still enjoy SGF, the product placement does not bother me so much, but now he is not doing the bits I enjoyed (straightening out challenged characters from literature). I did get a free MIO sample, and it is one of the most godawful things I have ever tasted. It left a terrible aftertaste in my mouth for hours, and stained my countertop. I can’t even give it away. Blech.

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