1. Your Mom says

    Victoria: And the Band Played On, Philadelphia, Boys Don’t Cry, Brokeback Mountain, Making Love, Cruising, Wilde, My Own Private Idaho, Prick Up Your Ears, Longtime Companion, Prayers for Bobby, Milk, Angels in America.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this were an Andy Kaufman/Stephen Colbert performance designed to discredit and make folly of the far right?

    You know Victoria, a lot of those casting directors, producers, and studio executives are gay too. Judging by your IMDB credits you need all the help you can get.

  3. Danny says

    The chick with the Gideon bible is really cracked. look at the eyes.

    And a GIDEON bible? WTF? I gues the only bible she has is the one she took from a motel room on her way cross-country with her bud in the 80s.

    TOTAL loser.

  4. arch says

    i remember the Gideon bible people coming to school and giving a talk and giving out bibles.

    i was begining to come to terms with my sexuality and looked up homosexuality in the index to the bible and read how my urges were wrong and ungodly. Not exactly the help i needed at that time. Oddly the teachers at the school were pretty liberal and many of them were clearly gay and accepted as such in the way the english middle class used to recognise but not really discuss such things except with very close friends at that time.

    What i read in that free bible made my blood turn cold and it probably put me back a few years in slowly dealing with myself.

    I have come to the conclusion that the Gideon organisation shoul simply be stopped distributing these indexed bibles to vulnerable young people learning about themselves. i certainly hope that my old school has not had them back since 1983.

  5. NaughtyLola says

    Oh my god she’s a lunatic. I can’t be angry with her after reading this, though, she just sounds delusional, like something really isn’t right in her head. Talking about her two closest friends and not believing they’re gay — sounds like a broken heart that is channeling itself into something really destructive. That doesn’t make me rage at her, it makes me pity her.

  6. Taylor says

    If she truly had ‘gay’ friends, they wouldn’t let her be seen in public wearing that ridiculous bow in her hair. AS matter of fact..NO friend would let wear that god-awful thing.

  7. Go Galt. Please. says

    Oh. She’s one of those ‘Oh, you’re not really gay!’ women. That explains a lot.
    As for portraying such a role as a viable lifestyle option, I suppose it does go well with the overweight gerbil/emotional terrorist look she’s chosen.

  8. Den says

    Does she keep that bow tied up on her head to stop the intelligent part of her brain from running away in embarrasment from the idiotic side of her brain ?

  9. Brian in Texas says

    I hate the fact that she voiced the character “Penelope” on Garfield and Friends. One of my favorite cartoons as a kid. lol

    Total nutjob!

  10. patrick nyc says

    “I’m guilty of being part of a few movies that may have been a bad influence on young people. I’m very sorry to anyone I led away from God.”

    Woman the only place you ‘led’ people was running out of the theater. As for your gay friends not being ‘gay’, I don’t know how drunk the guy was who you got knocked up with, but you’d turn any man gay, real gay.

  11. Phil says

    Someone should review her movies and SNL skits in light of her bible. Do they portray a christian message, or is she too leading people astray for the sake of her earnings? I bet the latter, and she implies as much.

  12. johnny says

    Wow, horribly sad. I remember having a few female friends like her, overweight girls who were secretly in love with me and never willing to accept I was gay. Unrequited love is a very strange poison and it eventually rots the brain.

  13. marshallt says

    Maybe she should actually read the book she’s holding in her hand. Timothy 2:12 KJV “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

    (I don’t believe this, but then I’m an atheist. We believe in wacky things like equality for women)

  14. Tigger says

    What is sad about this situation is that she, like many performers and artists, is probably surrounded by gay people. Her stunted evolution as a human is not an inate characteristic, but the product of the evil, misguided, and anti-Christian teachings of so many clergy members which continue to fuel the animus and ignorance on their flock. On judgment day, these false prophets will have to answer to their God and repent for their shameful behavior. This woman is a victim of ill-intentioned clergy and needs to be delivered from HER sinful lifestyle.

  15. Brian Miller says

    Whenever I see these stories of washed-up minor celebrities who vanished from view decades ago saying stupid stuff, I wonder “what major figure in the Democratic Party is about to do something homophobic, requiring a story to divert our outrage away from them and onto this nonentity to give them cover?”

  16. Brian Miller says

    “Her stunted evolution as a human is not an inate characteristic, but the product of the evil, misguided, and anti-Christian teachings of so many clergy members”

    No, homophobia and misogyny are core and unshakable tenets of Christianity. If you read the Bible, that’s undeniable.

    If one wants to claim to be Christian and pro-gay/pro-woman, he must necessarily declare that he is also anti-Bible.

  17. Ted says

    How strange. Victoria Jackson was the only cast member of SNL who refused to go on stage because Andrew Dice Clay was the featured guest and she refused to perform with him because of his views. I’m really surprised at this.

    It’s really strange – few people also know that Fred Phelps was once a prominent civil rights attorney. Why do these folks turn weird?

  18. says

    “Why do these folks turn weird?”

    Oh, I’m guessing a pathologically desperate need for attention and a sad, washed-up life might have something to do with it.

    @Brian: Victoria Jackson is a cover-up for Democratic homophobia? Is that an example of Victoria logic?

  19. Bryan says

    I was living in San Francisco when OJ Simpson went postal. The first I heard of it was when the corpulent schizophrenic with the rancid bleached dreads who hung out by Baghdad Café started waving a trashed newspaper and screaming “Orange juice kills! Don’t drink it! Orange juice murders!” Swap the Chronicle for that book by Mr. Gideon and you’d have Jackson.

    We need to hook her up with Fred Phelps or perhaps MIchelle Bachmann (who can tell the difference?). It’d be great fun to watch.

  20. Tigger says

    I would hardly classify anti-gay teachings as a “tenet” of Christianity. Its mentioned in 4 or 5 passages in a book of tens of thousands. And who knows if the translation is correct an in the proper context and why those things were written. (possibly because one didn’t want a strapping male banging a dude and not making a baby in times when numbers mattered) Either way, I classify the anti gay stuff right up there with the no shell fish and selling one’s daughter into slavery. Just not relevant today.. :)

  21. Tom says

    Dear Ms. Jackson:
    You can put those fears to rest that you led anyone away from God. You are not nearly important enough, nor clever enough, to lead anyone anywhere.
    Please return to obscurity where you belong.

  22. OtterPop says

    Yeah – I caught her a few years back while channel surfing and thought – Oh, Victoria Jackson, what’s she up to? Then she starts singing this song about evolutionists and immediately, I wrote her off as another (*literally) shrill harpy for the religious right.
    With all this attention on her – we should direct it to her fellow SNL alumn that’s actually smart and talented and deserving of it: Julia Sweeney. Oh – but oops – she’s an intelligent atheist with incredibly great arguments.

  23. Chuck Willman says

    She’s a non-talent that got lucky with a couple characters on SNL. She was a whack-job then, and she’s a whack-job now. I agree with the first remark…why are you giving her so much space?

  24. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Ted–It was Nora Dunn who protested Andrew Dice Clay’s appearance on SNL. This stupid waste of an epidermis was just as ignorant back then as she is now.

  25. Loki7329 says

    Can we please stop paying attention to this whackjob. This is the last desperate gasp of a washed-up has-been trying to reclaim a bit of whatever limelight she had. The best thing we can do is to consign her to the dustbins of oblivion where she belongs. Victoria, you had your shot at fame and blew it —-NEXT!

  26. anon says

    There are a bunch of formerly mainstream actors and artists that have jumped on the evangelical bandwagon to salvage their careers. It’s a slightly easier market to enter in many ways and forms a mutual flattery association between the artist and their new customers.

  27. Sonneillon says

    I read her column. It was seriously incredibly sad, but also sort of scary in that Twilight Zone way. She apparently thinks she’s living in the book ‘1984’ and all of us pro-equality, pro-reproductive rights, anti-bigotry folks are incapable of having independent thoughts and are governed by some kind of insidious political hive mind. And I hear this over and over from the far Right and while I view them with a healthy amount of wariness, I’m also sad for them, because they are freaking out so badly over something as basic as having empathy for one’s fellow human beings. Because that’s all it is – empathy. An acknowledgement that QUILTBAG folks are members of the human family and therefore ought to be treated with respect and acceptance. Taking a stand that bullying of other people, including faith-based bullying, is not cool. That women (and people with uteri) are, in fact, smart enough to make their own reproductive choices. That legally turning control of one person’s organs over to a clump of cells, her male relatives, or the state, risking the already-born person’s physical and mental health in the process, is also not cool. This isn’t insidious group-think, this is basic human rights.

    So, so sad.

  28. Tom Cardellino says

    Dearest Towleroad editors and Andy yourself,

    Please keep covering this form of outright insanity that clearly reveals the mental phantoms that the rest of the wing-nut right wing christianist theocrats harbor, but under better media savvy self-control. These are strange bedfellows indeed but only because some appear to be more “sane” than the others. Their outrage stems from their perplexed inability to accept a world that’s not contained in the purposefully misleading rantings of an archaic book (as in merely another amalgam of paper and ink) whose authors frequently lied about their true identities in order to take on the mantle of biblical rock stars of their age. Just like those of us who would take seriously what Ricky Martin says about honesty or integrity, these “followers” are not only anti-intellectual but truly proud of their ignorance. Just try to test them by simply saying to them: “You know that Jesus was a Jew, right?” You’d be surprised at their umbrage.

  29. says

    Unlike homosexuality, Christianity is a choice.

    Why is Ms. Jackson trying to turn everyone Christian? Her 19th century values are inappropriate in 2011.

    If the Bible were read literally with modern English vocabulary, as Ms. Jackson thinks humanity should, then a person who literally lays with another person of the same sex is sinning. Sleep-overs for her teenage daughter will never be the same again!

  30. Nelson says

    This woman is totally irrelevant. Like many before her who squandered the opportunity handed her for a great future she now appears to be trying her hardest to get some publicity to revive a long dead career (can anybody say Anita Bryant?).

    She has absolutely nothing to offer and should not be provided a platform from which to spew her foolishness. Her garbage about loneliness, shame, broken families, std’s, etc., etc., etc. completely ignores the fact that these “problems” are not unique to gays – they are things that can, and do, happen equally in heterosexual lives. And, many of the problems she details are not a result of being gay but a result of the hatred spread by people just like her. You know anyone who was thrown out of their house as a teenager because they were straight?

    Victoria, your 15 minutes was up just about 20 years ago when SNL decided not to renew your contract. Get a job, get a life, get some education, get off your soapbox and do something worthwhile for mankind.

  31. teddy says

    If I was as ugly and hideous as you are, I would want to have a gay friend show me how to dress and look not like some futuristic ugly overmadeup bag lady who is also an idiot and probably needs and hasn;t been laid in many years!! I here there are people that will mercy f..k you since you obviously fustrated and are a bigoted Biotch and need it badly.

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