1. allan says

    “War Horse” is not “coming soon” to Lincoln Center. It IS at Lincoln Center Theater, where I saw it. A terrific production and I cried my eyes out at the end.

  2. beejers says

    As a self professed theater geek and horse lover, just watching what those 3 puppeteers are able to communicate makes me misty eyed- It makes me miss my Hercules, Boxer, and Fabio who would be the spitting image of Joey if they were all combined. I pray that this show tours to the west coast for a stint at the Mark Taper Forum.

  3. dms says

    Saw this in London. Unexpectedly, i wept at the sheer miracle of seeing this puppet come to life. It is an unabashedly emotional tale and many will slam it as such. (especially here!) But I think it is one of the most wonderful works of art I’ve seen…ever!

    catch it if you can.

  4. Dr. C says

    Saw it last week at Lincoln Center- Astounding visuals- jaw dropping! True EPIC theater at its most grand. The score is sweeping, emotional, majestic and at times, quite mournful. But tickets now- (and sit in the center! Lincoln center is a thrust stage and you want center locations for this baby!) bring a ton of Kleenex too!

  5. Brian says

    Saw this on TED, yesterday. It’s just an extraordinary and wonderfully theatrical piece which very much makes me want to see the show.

    Just beautiful…

  6. Bading says

    The armatures remind me of Deborah Butterfield, whose sculptures I’ve always admired. Will defintely not miss this at Lincoln Center.

  7. Paul R says

    I wish they’d shown more of the theatrical images, as seeing almost purely the underworkings of the horse took away a bit of the enchantment.

    But it’s a lovely thing, and especially lovely that the two creators have been together 40 years! I kept wondering whether they’d scripted their talk or just finish each other’s sentences like many long-term couples do.

  8. Patrick says

    Its an incredible show. My roommate and I saw it a few weeks ago, and it served as one of the most magical theatrical experiences of my entire life.

    Steven Spielberg saw it in London and purchased the rights. His film version is going to be released in December of this year.

    It will be beautiful, no doubt, but no movie could ever capture the magic and emotion of seeing these creatures come to life live on stage.

  9. Jason says

    Also saw it in london, the same night as the Queen did. It is absolutely magical puppetry. My first impression was how can they have 3, 4 or in some cases 5 people controling one puppet in plain sight. And then after 30 seconds I was hooked to their control, coordination, cooperation, and emotion. The story has its ups and downs, and the book could use some definite development, but for the puppetry alone it is worth the price of a full price ticket. Go and see it.

  10. Jack says

    The show at Lincoln Center is nothing short of miraculous. See it.
    I only hope that Spielberg’s movie is based on the novel, and not on the play.

  11. Charles says

    I thought it looked damn ugly in a still picture. But on stage, it’s just INCREDIBLE how they make it move JUST LIKE a real horse! It’s mind blowing indeed.

  12. Tonic says

    Handspring Puppet Company is also being used in developing Tori Amo’s new musical. WarHorse is amazing, so this bodes well.

  13. says

    I need to get tickets to this.

    And the Kushner at the Public. Need to get off my ass. Just too overwhelmed (and tight of funds) at the moment.