1. Guest says

    Chris Evans’s chest hair is awesome. Wonder if they shaved it to make the cgi easier transforming him from weakling to captain america. Wish he kept the chest hair.

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    Captain America – Nota great story for a movie. Sorry. It looks better on paper… some movies don’t translate (THOR).

    Now, Doctor Strange on the other hand…

  3. Bryan says

    If the movie included footage of them waxing everything from his nose down, I might actually consider seeing it.

    As is, I’ve enough porn, and don’t have to put up with jingoist American exceptionalism and imperialist bullshit propaganda to enjoy it.

    It’s the 21st century. If Captain America existed, he’d be a corporate product used to massacre ignorant tribal people who have the misfortune to be sitting on oil. He’d be a tool of the 1%.

  4. Sean R says

    I preferred his look in the Fantastic 4 tbh! The powerful abs etc., is just an american porn fantasy look and it doesn’t do anything for me. Will wait for the DVD too!

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