1. Matt26 says

    Actually it was funny, thanks to the end. (Without it, it would have been horrible.)

  2. says


    i was compelled to go to the site and order a boot glass

    LOL tacky can be fun sometimes

  3. DAlex says

    I was thoroughly disgusted, repulsed, aroused, intrigued, amazed, and terrified of that video.

  4. wimsy says

    Fabulous! Bet they sell a million of ’em, mostly to mid-twenties straight guys who want to prove they can down four beers at a time.

  5. Gary Brubaker says

    The glass boot has been around for a very long time, as the ‘yard of ale’ glasses wasn’t enough challenge because the boot has a twisting manoeuvre that you must do so the lager does not flood your face. The yards are easy to break by design.