1. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    Seems like a great guy. I just think it’s funny how he is the archetypal wet dream for all the whitewashed gay men who can’t stand any color in their lives. Physically, he is a bland, white-bread, Abercrombie-&-Fitch twink.

    This is especially poignant given the recent racism I’ve countenanced from gays such as in the NYC subway fight video from last week.


    I agree with Priscilla completely. What’s up with women and gay men? I like me who who look like men. All of this shaving and twinkiness seems really “queer.” Like the boys from Twilight, someone please tell me what is going on there? My vision of maleness is viril not virginal, hairy not hairless and masculine not emasculated. What about Morr Foxx he looks like a man.

    Obviously the rise of the Sacred Feminine astrologically is leading to a decrease in maleness in men. To observe the imagery from the media and the number of shaved bodies that I see at the gym, todays’ modern man is nothing more than a woman with a dick…an abberation. See what happens when women raise a man-child. They discourage the natural nature in favor of someone who is more like them.

  3. says

    I think he’s absolutely adorable in pretty much every use of the word, at least from this distance. He’s great on Glee — I wish they’d give him a bit more screen time, then again, I’m sure that’s what pretty much everyone says about their favorites on Glee.

  4. GregV says

    “I don’t get why they keep making fun of his lips on Glee…”

    @Ioann: Here’s my reading on it: Only Santana makes fun of his lips. She only started doing so when she realized that she is in love with Britney. She wants to find fault in Sam and so wants to belittle him for something she knows deep down is sexy to everyone. (In reality, Sam’s lips are no more bad than Will Hair is bad. Sue only puts down Will’s hair because she is insecure about herself and her own hair. His hair looks great.)

    But as soon as Santana realized that she can’t have Britney, she turns her “troty lips” insults in the opposite direction, trying to make Britney jealous by singing the praises of wanting to “kiss those salamander lips.”

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