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Watch: Kathy Griffin Responds to Sarah Palin 'Bullying' Accusations


Kathy Griffin talks to Lawrence O'Donnell about recent accusations by Sarah Palin that Griffin is a "50-year-old bully."

Said Palin recently to FOX News: "You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because you know, she's kind of this - she's a 50-year-old adult bully is really what she is...She's kind of a has-been comedian and she can do those things to me. I would just ask for respect of my children. As she had stated on CNN that her New Year's resolution was to destroy my 16-year-old daughter, that takes it a little too far."


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  1. As someone that is 28, I remember being 16 very well, and at that age you make adult decisions, and statements, and deserve to be called out when you've done something idiotic. Her 16 year old is a disgusting bigot that thinks it's okay to call people f*ggots on facebook, and her family instead of reprimanding their daughter/sister for being hateful, and horrid, made excuses and justified her rants. SOMEONE needed to call her out, and I'm fine with it being Kathy.

    Posted by: Joey | Mar 10, 2011 3:29:34 PM

  2. Wow why does Kathy seem so upset? I really don't think it's the topic, she seems like she just heard bad news or is going through a rough time. Is Maggie okay?

    Posted by: Me | Mar 10, 2011 10:32:17 PM

  3. The Palin family CONSTANTLY hides behind the first amendment when making all sorts of offensive, inaccurate, and intolerant remarks namely in regard to gays and the gay community....yet when one of their own acts a fool, foul, and crude on facebook and is called out on it, suddenly they blow a whistle and play victim. That's the double standard from the Conservative Christian side that is so calculating and never works. Karma always comes around and the Palins deserve what they get.

    GO KATHY! You are bright, witty and beyond it, you're heart is always in the right place. Thanks for being a friend.

    Posted by: SteveATL | Mar 11, 2011 1:12:37 AM

  4. Palin put her children on the front lines when it was convenient for her image, but now she wants them to be left alone? This is your doing quitter.

    Posted by: Ish | Mar 11, 2011 7:55:50 AM

  5. Sarah has clearly pimped her children out to advance her "career". She made her children available for Kathy's kind of cruel humor. Any normal parent would FULLY shield her children; which doesn't mean defending them only when someone on the opposite side might attack, but also keeping them from the airwaves which subjects them to such attacks (this means Discovery Channel, political rallies, DWTS, "abstinence only" PSA's, etc.). Sarah is a flawed person and a failed Parent. Not new news, tho.

    Posted by: anon texan | Mar 11, 2011 10:44:52 AM

  6. Spencer is an idiot! So you think it's ok for Willow to liberally use the word faggot as a negative word? Idiot.

    Posted by: TX Papi | Mar 12, 2011 11:41:18 PM

  7. I am not a big fan of Palin but I am too much more not a fan Kathy Griffin.

    Palin was indicted for abuse of power and. .....bullying! She bullied her sister's ex to the point of being charged, fired. They just want to make celeb gossip.

    Posted by: Celeb Gossip | Jul 7, 2011 2:03:43 AM

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