1. Brian in Texas says

    I think it’s a little odd for a current pop star to be covering another current pop star’s song that just came out and is on heavy radio airplay.

    She also covered Rihanna’s “Only Girl” at another recent concert.

  2. Nate says

    Brian, I agree. There needs to be enought time between the release of a song and it’s cover. I don’t know what the rule should be but this does not meet it.

  3. redball says

    Agree with you guys. I’d imagine she at least has to get permission or even pay royalties to Gaga to sing her song. But I’m not an entertainment lawyer….

  4. B says

    I believe anyone can sing any song in concert, as long as you’re not compensating from it, money wise and it’s not being reproduced for media braodcast. In America that is. I read that it’s different in Europe though.

    Tribute bands, how ever, I don’t know how that works since they sing all of another artist’s song.

    Back on topic, she did decent, she could only ever barely sing in a low key. But if you can’t even sing your songs live, why would you try and sing someone else’s? especially since it’s going to be compared? and she was not a fan of GaGa’s artistry in the first place. So, blah.

  5. JTlvr says

    Katy Perry has been riding Gaga’s back for awhile now. First creating the faux-rivalry, then badmouthing her in interviews, and now this. I bet Gaga’s chuckling.

  6. tyn says

    All of Katy Perry’s songs sound exactly the same and follow the same formula. Even ones that you think might be different still manage to put that “Ca-li-for-nia girls” sound and rhythm to it. She doesn’t write her own songs and uses the most generic producer.

  7. testington says

    You shouldn’t cover, especially acoustically, the song of an artist who is a much better singer than you are. Whatever your feelings on Katy Perry and/or Lady Gaga are any objective person would point out Lady Gaga is a much more talented singer.

    Covers work when it is somebody making the song their own like Shawn Colvin singing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley or Travis singing Baby One More Time…this was just bad karaoke

  8. Daya says

    GURLS! I can’t believe we are arguing over this. The audience did not seem to mind; they were singing along. Why should we? Born This Way is a “freedom” song… lets just sing it! In is time Bob Dylan wrote and sang lots of songs covered by many of his contemporaries — because they were freedom songs! Let’s just sing them!!!

  9. Polyboy says

    I like it. The more people singing it the better.

    The only live cover I’ve liked better was My Chemical Romance’s concert cover of “Umbrella.”

  10. Drew says

    Ok, so we all love that one girl who posted a YouTube video and got invited to Gaga’s concert, but some of us HATEHATEHATE that Katy Perry is covering a song she likes just like the rest of us?

    I see nothing wrong with this except for the lousy execution; Katy needs many layers of audio to sound great.

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