1. Don says

    I’m always amazed with Newt talks about marriage in a Biblical way while he’s on his third wife.

  2. TV says

    So, since the Republicans haven’t offered a single viable candidate that isn’t either seriously inept or disturbingly obsessed with policing the private lives of citizens, I say we all move to Canada or Europe if they win in 2012.

  3. Tigger says

    Does this dewshhhe forget that he has an out gay sister? Of course, if you have the moral fiber to destroy two marriages because of cheating and a general lack of integrity, why not advocate for policies that will directly hurt your own damn family members. What’s next… youtube videos of him kicking his dog? Can he please just STFU? Please?

  4. says

    This man as usual speaks out of ignorance. The president is obliged to uphold a law yes but is in no way obliged to defend it especially as it has been ruled unconstituional over and over again.
    The president is being fiscally responsible by not wasting tax payers dollars on a fruitless effort. Which cannot be said for the republican party that keeps passing pointless and meaningless bills in the house that they know will never pass. the republican party has become a waste of time and money.

  5. nick says

    STFU eye of Newt- you have no moral grounds to discuss anything whatsoever-
    you are a lying, thieving, philandering pious idiot.

  6. bcarter3 says

    Why does anyone care what this serial-adulterer has-been gasbag thinks about anything?

    “If you had a conservative Republican refused….”

    Actually there was a case like that:

    “In 1990, then-actin­g Solicitor General John Roberts refused to defend a federal affirmativ­e action law after he successful­ly convinced the George H.W. Bush Administra­tion that the law was unconstitu­tional. He failed to convince the Supreme Court, however, and the law was upheld.”


    Of course, John Roberts is now the Chief Justice.

  7. Robert In WeHo says

    I suggest Newt throw himself into a vat of boiling oil to purify his soul purge himself of all his sins. Of course the benefit of this would be that we’d be rid of him and his asshattery…

  8. Rcik says

    “Pro classical Christianity, pro the values that you and I have…” Wow….he didn’t go to the Sunday School that I went too.

  9. princely54 says

    Washed up buffoon. He’s as likely to win as Dole was. Run him, Republicans, run him.

  10. Bruce Wayne says

    These in-bred, knuckle-dragging bible-thumpers and their purse-clutching cries about the evil ‘Gay Agenda’ pale to the absolute planet-destruction that is the ‘PRAY AGENDA!’


  11. thom says

    …my gramma used to say “It’s not necessary to put a bell on a fool”….That adage certainly applies to Noot….and Palin…and any of the rest of the douchery that the GOP may trot out as “contendahs”..
    Thes fools are beatable! …Let’s keep reminding ourselves that we can beat them if we stay focused. START NOW!

  12. says

    I used to have lunch with a former teacher at Baker High School in Columbus, GA when Newt was a student there. He remembered Newt even in high school as being the perfect example of great intelligence residing in a person of no compassion.

  13. The_Fixer says

    I get a kick out of the terms “Homosexual Agenda” and “Gay Agenda”. My “Homosexual Agenda” is to feed myself, figure out how to continue doing so into my fading years and to try and keep the government and various moneyed interests from screwing me.

    Funny, that sounds an awful lot like the “Heterosexual Agenda”. These twatish people need to get off my TV and computer screens right now.

  14. john leddy says

    newt gingrich is a truly evil and manipulative man who will do or say anything that he thinks will get him elected president. fortunately,although a strong supporter of family values,newt has been unable to keep his marriage vows multiple times and thus has little chance of winning conservative support.

  15. N says

    Love how they are ignoring the fact that now a majority of Americans support gay marriage.

  16. Danny says

    kind of ironic, isn’t it, Newt accusing Obama of being “selective” as to enforcing laws when his boy busy wrote more signing statements than all previous presidents COMBINED.

  17. Danny says

    excuse me–I mean, Newt’s boy BUSH made more signing statements than all other presidents combined.

  18. Agenda Driven says

    i bet if some Monica Lewinsky came his way Newt’s current marriage would come to a quick end. Any volunteers?

    What’s Newt’s agenda? Get rich, get laid, get The Gays?