1. X says

    THANK you. Finally, someone who’s willing to speak up against the haters in power even if it risks going against the majority in his communities. I’m so sick of American deference to ignorance, particularly ignorance supposedly “in the name of God”, and thank you to one more voice on the side of freedom.

  2. ratbastard says

    LOL………Simmons has for years promoted artistic self expression [Music?] much of which is uber nihilistic, misogynistic, misanthropist, and viciously anti-gay.

  3. brian says

    Mr Russell Simmons has promoted a culture of hip-hop and rap, genres of music that are homophobic and sexist. As far as I’m concerned, Russell can take his fake pro-gay marriage attitude and shove it.

  4. Let's think here says

    Wait, isn’t he on the member’s list of the Nation of Islam?? Did I miss a memo here?

  5. a gay hip hop fan says

    Just because he comes from the hip hop music world doesn’t mean he personally holds the same (manufactured) beliefs that some hip hop artists do. Almost NO individuals from the hip hop community have stood up for LGBT equality… when Kanye came out against homophobia, he was ridiculed.

    Plus who are we to judge someone who is publicly supporting us? consider the alternative!