1. bluecandyboy says

    just made me realize why there were so many white gay guys in manila last saturday, a total feast for the potato queens 😛

  2. p says

    omg!!! I didnt even know Mr. Gay World is in Manila! OMFG!!! I could have flown up north! I’m a southern boy from the P.I iam sooo freaking furious! I could have flown there… boohoo… anyhow congratulations! Speaking of white dudes, I dont think an Asian will ever win this pageant. Many gay guys are into vanilla guys especially Filipinos well except for me, i like them whatevah flavor they are!

  3. says

    No the world doesn’t need Mr. Gay World. The world doesn’t need Miss Universe either. It’s just a bit of fun.

    Mr. Peru was delicious.

  4. craig says

    Ethnic fetishism turns me off big time. I’m pretty sure a bunch of the participant aren’t white and I don’t think that a handful of guys controlling gay media and entertainment are an actual representation of how most gay men can be obsessed with whiteness.

  5. ratbastard says

    Well, we could simply have separate societies and nations for the different ‘Races’. Caucasian, Asian, Black, Hispanic [is Hispanic a race?], and so-on. This would solve the issue many people seem to have regarding race, discrimination [real and imagined], etc., Asian societies are [notable exception the Philippines] are pretty much closed to ‘Outsiders’, and they like it that way. It’s really only western ‘White’ societies that promote ‘Multiculturalism’. And many of them now have serious second thoughts.

  6. J says

    The reason why coloured people are so obsessed by Europeans(white people) is because they(Europeans) are beautiful.Europeans have beautiful racial features.They have that je ne sais quoi thing about them.

    Of course there are exceptions – not all coloured people are like that.And of course no admits the reason that I’ve stated above because of political correctness.

    Another thing I want to add and correct is that this obsession with Europeans by coloured people is not or not so much racial fetishism : it’s internalized racism as well(which is prevalent throught the non-white world and among the coloured communities of the white world).

  7. sugarrhill says

    I was all excited for this post when I read Mr. South Africa won. But then I clicked through to see that Mr. South Africa was white as well as the rest of the top 5. Same old same old I guess.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Europeans have beautiful racial features”

    You mean like Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese and Sicilians? Wonder how they got to be so cute? Could it be through thousands of years interbreeding with those folks from that land south of the Mediterranean?


    You must drink more booze than I do…and on a Monday afternoon–c’est tres mal.

    And J, I’ve got two words that make everything you wrote absolutely ridiculous: Tyson Beckford.

  9. MS says

    @J: Which “beautiful racial features” are you refering to… Non-existant lips, flabby bu tts, ghoulishly translucent packages or that wet dog smell on humid days? I am a black man who’s got lots of love for his white buddies, but find none of them to be physically desirable. Maybe that’s why we’re such good friends. LOL. Don’t misunderstand, I think that the world has beautiful men within EVERY race/ethnicity, including White. However, gay media in general turns me off with its constant promotion of European aesthetic supremacy. The self-loathing embrace of this notion by snow queens & potato queens is simply pathetic.

  10. Paul R says

    I didn’t see the entire contestant lineup, but it seems likely that there were fewer from regions like Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Central And Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia both because the contest requires expensive travel (and lodging, clothes, etc.) and many men from those regions aren’t out.

    Or maybe those men are just smart enough to find the contest a bit silly. Harmless, but silly.

  11. Marty says

    Ever wonder why gay men aren’t taken seriously as men?

    please see the pageant above…

  12. jaragon says

    One could always put down these silly contest but what gay man doesn’t like an excuse to ogle male eye candy? Congratulations to the winner and why isn’t this the next Bravo reality show?

  13. Mike says

    I was excited by the headline saying it was a South Africa man. Finally, a man of color!

    Hah! Fat chance.

  14. Lexxvs says

    I don’t understand why a silly competition has to become “the battle of the races”. All races have their beauties. The problem is when a particular race/ethnic group denies its natural traits embracing impossible beauty ideals from another race/ethnic group. For instance, if the natural African beauty were the historically imposed around the world, imagine Nordic blond Europeans trying to embrace that impossible ideal for them. The best they could do is -after generations- keep on choosing those who resemble more the foreign traits as desirable.
    You can see examples of that when you get to know –for instance- those Chinese people who look for European like noses, chin, eyes –sometimes with surgeries- embracing beauty ideals so different from theirs. Or Africans using whitening soaps. Etcetera. That is sad. An ugly face of globalization.

  15. ratbastard says

    I have to come to the defense of my tribe:

    Of all the so-called races, Europeans and Caucasians in general [including north Africans] are the most physically diverse in appearance. ‘We’ come naturally in every shade of hair color, eye color and skin tone unlike any other ‘Race’. Maybe we’re mutts, but that’s alright because mutts tend to be healthier and smarter than those with less diversity in their genes.

  16. Jane Roe says

    MS: Not to mention the worst white trait out there–premature aging! How many white people have you seen that are like 35 but look 55? And how many blacks have your seen that are 50 that look 30?. Asians age quite well, too. 😉

  17. MS says

    @Lexxvs: Agreed

    -yes, the contest was harmless fun.
    -unfortunately that there are too many pitiful non-white gays who’d literally bitchslap their grandmothers to look like or sleep with a white guy. That’s the consequence of a a lack of diversity in mainstream gay media imagery.
    -who here wants to claim to being in the same tribe as RatBastard?

  18. J says


    If you guys had read what I said,Europeans have that je ne sais quoi thing about their looks.

    Of course not every European is beautiful and that coloured people are not universally ugly.Also,not every coloured person is not obsessed about wanting to be white.

    I’m just saying that Europeans have that something about their racial feautres,that’s why they have such appeal all over the world.

    I have seen attractive people in every racial group except indigenous Australians(mixed ones,yes,) and I’ve never seen handsome Black men(women yes,just not men).Tyson Beckford only attracts me sexually.I don’t think he’s handsome.Sexy,yes.Handsome,no.

    Really,if you look at it,this obsession about wanting to be white and date/marry whites is very very prevalent among coloured people.Where I come from,Europeans are the standard.Even in ancient China,when the white Tocharians went there,the locals referred to the women as the most beautiful women of the place.I’ve read accounts of a white aid worker going to rural primitive villages in Indonesia saying the locals were fawning over her blond hair and blue eyes and white skin…all complimenting her racial features.You even have white people complimenting and fawning over other white people’s amazing blue eyes…golden blond hair…….

    I know this is hard for coloured people to read.It’s most surely offensive.LOL! But hey! Truth hurts! And life is unfair.

    But yeah! As one poster above said,the downside of being white is that you age faster than a dark skinned person.Pale skin is very sensitive to UV rays.Brigitte Bardot anyone?

  19. ron says

    Very generally speaking, young white males are more attractive than males of other races. Young white males have the height, the muscles, dick size, faces, and other attributes like blue eyes, and full beards that are lacking in other races. May not be politically correct, but that’s life.

  20. Scott says

    People really need to examine where reality ends and their personal preferences begin. Attractiveness is largely subjective, and it’s based on a myriad of social and biological forces. Just because you ended up finding some physical traits more attractive, doesn’t mean that they are.

    It has nothing to do with political correctness. Just try to form your opinions from an objective point of view. Get unstuck from your own perspective, and you’ll realize two things. There are so many differing opinions on attractiveness, that yours can’t possibly represent reality, and that thinking about which race is more attractive is a total waste of your time.