1. bravo says

    I am in love.
    He’s got my vote for Mayor of NYC.
    If it weren’t for Christine Quinn’s capitulation to Mayor Bloomberg and foisting a term limits repeal on the NY City Council, he’d probably be our mayor now.
    I know she’s gay and has many praiseworthy qualities, but going against the voters of NYC who endorsed term limits twice was a travesty, and she needs to be collecting unemployment soon.

  2. says

    He’s no Keith Olbermann. And I didn’t see (in respect of audience response) that he ‘killed.’

    But I’d take him as a replacement for any of the five Republican jerkoffs who represent Nebraska and Western Iowa.

  3. NE Rich says

    Please note the TWO STOODGES at the head table with him, Ran Paul and Ben Quail, both scions of brilliant political dynasties I might add. If we loose Wiener to NYC, the more smuks like those two will gain power, PLEASE stay where you are Anthony !!!

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