Zac Efron ‘Holding Hands With a Guy’!


The National Enquirer gets excited:

"'I was shocked at how relaxed and open Zac was with this guy,' continued the fellow partygoer. 'He walked around talking to him, smiling and holding his hand right in front of everyone, including Vanessa. People were wondering if maybe it was a stunt to make Vanessa jealous. But truthfully, Zac really seemed into the guy.'"

And he was doing so at an NBA party at the W in L.A. Imagine that!


  1. DAlex says

    Well, if he was doing so openly, then he wasn’t really “caught” as if he was doing “something wrong.”

    Further, sensationalism over a person’s assumed sexual identity is really getting on my nerves lately. Why is it such a big deal?

  2. Rowan says

    Hollywood agents are poising their touch! These kids keep on fighting their beards!

    I blame it on Franco’s influence who hasn’t been seen with his for months and has allegedly refused to be seen with her, plus still lives with his best bud who is also his business partner and who goes EVERYWHERE with him!

    Go kids!

  3. brian says

    If it was two women holding hands, society wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Yet another example of the double standards that our modern liberal society possesses….

  4. says

    Oh no! In the same issue: “Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Birth To Alien Zombie While Suggesting New Italian Getaways For GOOP”

  5. Rob West says

    If it’s true, in entertainment business it is a (unfortunately) big deal $$$. Imagine the pressure young stars face each day with the press, not to mention everyone with a cellphone camera.

  6. Rick S. says

    Considering that Zac Efron is prettier than most Hollywood starlets, I would not be surprised if his hand-holding partner just happened to be straight.

  7. RATBASTARD says

    (Thinking about posting… but wondering if what I’d say would make all the lonely old perverts here who idolize Zac Efron get all catty and bitchy with me… wonders if it is worth it…)

  8. John says

    So Efron may be gay.

    Or maybe he’s not.


    Hope he’s happy and finds someone to love either way.

  9. says

    Don’t trust the rag. They love using the “GAY” card for SHOCK value. If he did and is, so be it, if not, that is fine too!

  10. james in toronto says

    @David. The young gay boys seem to hold hands a lot. It seems very high school to me but I think they feel they are making a public statement by doing it. Good for them I guess but the really brave ones are the drag queens. Go queens go.

  11. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    I hold hands with my boo! But only in gayborhoods, for the most part.

  12. Jonathan says

    Zac Efron is not straight all the way. Anybody who has worked with him knows he’s gay and not particularly secretive about it. Maybe he’s testing the waters or maybe he’s fallen in love and can’t help himself — either would be good things.

    He’s so fricking cute though. My crushes are usually very age-appropriate but he turns me into a complete troll.

  13. Guy from DC says

    High school? Something that only young guys do? Really? Anyone who believes that is really sad.

    There is something really nice about holding hands with my husband of 20 years. It’s called being affectionate. It’s nice to show someone that you care for them.

    I do it sometimes while walking down the street. I do it sometimes while watching television. I do it sometimes at the movies. In restaurants. In the car.

    You should try it.

  14. Francis says

    Ridiculous loaded homophobia. It’s as if he’s doing something wrong by not being with a woman, and the whole “it was to make Vanessa jealous” is even more offensive. I just can’t believe we are still at the stage where being a man who likes other men is still “OMG, that’s so weird!” or that it’s somehow not real or legitimate. Really offensive and pretty upsetting.

  15. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Guy from DC – Thank you. My husband and I were really into hand holding. We did a few other things as well.

  16. CoMo'mo says

    Our North American Puritanical notions about masculine behavior are SOO boring. Straight men in many cultures hold hands, walk arm in arm, maintain close personal spaces. It has little to do with sex or sexual attraction. All these are indications of friendship and trust, and physical intimacy promotes social cohesion. Why can’t people see this as positive? No, we prefer to punch and kick and keep a “safe distance”.

  17. says

    holding hands is high school?

    OY, talk about people who have never loved, don’t know what love is, will never find love

    Anyway; is the enquirer trashy? sometimes but they also were the first people too bust John edwards infidelity and have been the first on a lot of things

    There might be truth to it

    If zac is gay then good for him and keep holding the hand of the one you love

  18. jamal49 says

    @RATBASTARD I thought “lonely old perverts” and “catty and bitchy” was the perfect description of your sad self.

  19. James says

    Who still believes he’s straight?

    Good for him if he’s indeed testing the waters and contemplating coming out.

    He’s a good actor, good singer and good dancer – Hollywood could use his type lately. The last thing he wants is to become a crazy closet case like Travolta and Cruise.

  20. Tony the Tiger says


    Is this like the thousandth false story claiming Zac Efron is gay or is this a legitimate story???

  21. just a guy says

    Hmm…whether’s he gay, bi, or straight, this headline is wicked f****n offensive.

    I kinda agree with the commenter who said the following…so I repost:

    “Ridiculous loaded homophobia. It’s as if he’s doing something wrong by not being with a woman, and the whole “it was to make Vanessa jealous” is even more offensive. I just can’t believe we are still at the stage where being a man who likes other men is still “OMG, that’s so weird!” or that it’s somehow not real or legitimate. Really offensive and pretty upsetting.”

    Read more:

  22. Jackson says

    “Go queens go.”

    Yeah – go to hell. Stop promoting stereotypes, you privileged, self-absorbed pig.

  23. Fred says

    I can’t understand what the big deal is about this. Either he is or he isn’t gay…

  24. ravewulf says

    “Zac caught holding hands with a guy!”


    Being comfortable holding another guy’s hand makes you gay for some reason?
    That’s stupid.

    I really hate hegemonic gender norms.

  25. RATBASTARD says

    @ JAMAL69: I didn’t say you were a pervert, girlfriend, but hey, if the purple sequinned high heels fit, then wear them! And as for the rest of you catty and bitchy and dumpy old queens, Zac Efron is very straight. Yes, he has lots of gay friends, and yes, he is very supportive of equal rights for gay people, but he himself loves the ladies. I have a friend who works at The Gap at The Grove and he told me that he’s seen Zac there many times acting all lovey dovey with different girls. This guy adores Zac and wishes that Zac were gay so I doubt he’d make up a story like that. Sorry to blow up your silly fantasy, you silly bitches, but Zac is a 100% macho he-man woman-lovin’ guy!